Eleanor Talitha Bailey: A Journey through Biography, Career, and More

Eleanor Talitha Bailey resides in the United States, where she is deeply rooted in a family renowned for their contributions to the entertainment industry. She proudly identifies as the daughter of Devon Aoki Bailey, a well-known American actress and model.

Within the Bailey household, Eleanor holds a significant place as the third child and second daughter.Brought up by her parents Devon Aoki and James Bailey, Eleanor’s upbringing evolved in a household sculpted through the family’s eccentric lifestyle.

This page creates a full picture about Eleanor’s life. This dives into such topics as her background, your family connections, how she did in education and even dimensions of her including height and weight.

Let us now learn of the fascinating journey of Eleanor Talitha Bailey, a story of natural gifts, ambition and unyielding determination to reach for meaningful personal growth.

Quick Bio

Full NameEleanor Talitha Bailey
Date of BirthFebruary 12, 2015
Age9 years (in 2024)
Birth SignAquarius
Place of BirthUnited States
ParentsDevon Aoki (mother), James Bailey (father)
SiblingsAlessandra Linville Bailey (sister), James Hunter Jr (brother), Evelyn Bailey (sister)
RelativesSteve Aoki (uncle), Hiroaki Aoki (grandfather), Pamela Hilburger (grandmother)
Known ForBeing Devon Aoki’s daughter

Who is Eleanor Talitha Bailey?

Meet Eleanor Talitha Bailey, whose family lineage is distinguished by her mother, the celebrated American actress and model, Devon Aoki.

While Devon rose to prominence with her scene-stealing turn as Suki in “2 Fast 2 Furious,” her impact goes beyond film. From covering Star Wars next celebrations to brandishing for glossy magazines like Tiffany & Co., Adidas, and Loreal.

Eleanor has created quite a path for herself in the world of entitlements, following her mother. She can be seen combining her individual style with this authentic brands from her, you will see her working with these celebrated brands And there is more, Eleanor has also stepped into the shoes as a brand promoter for a premium travel luggage brand, only elevating her individuality.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Biography

Born on February 12, 2015, Eleanor Talitha Bailey came into the United States claiming cultural diversity from her mother, Devon Aoki. Devon is half Japanese and half German on her mother’s side while half English on her father’s side, giving Eleanor a rich combination of cultural backgrounds to draw from. Her experiences in a multicultural context have After all shaped Eleanor into who she is and the stories and customs she carries from one culture to another.

Eleanor, on the other hand, as she grows and grews knows that there are influences (or as Miriam says to Eleanor, “Perks”) that are part of her collective pool from all of the different cultural pockets from her very mixed family. She was raised byway of a mixed ethnicity that made her cultural background more complex giving her a new identity and with that an opportunity to build as a person, growing up not only for who she was but also for embracing a palette of culture from a diverse background of her own.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Early Life

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s passion for fashion and art is deeply influenced by her family, who have always encouraged her to fearlessly pursue her dreams. This support propelled her towards a career in modeling. Raised in a nurturing environment, Eleanor learned the importance of creativity and self-expression, enabling her to carve out her unique path in the world of fashion.

Nationality, Ethnicity, and Religious Affiliation

Born on February 12, 2015, in the United States, Eleanor Talitha Bailey is an American citizen with a mixed heritage encompassing Japanese, German, and English ancestry. Raised in an environment that celebrates diversity, Eleanor’s upbringing embraces her cultural tapestry, enriched further by her Christian faith, which adds depth to her identity and worldview.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s Physical Appearance

Certainly, Eleanor Talitha Bailey is little, standing at 4’3″ (129cm), 86 pounds, but equally huge, her size lost in her force. She is so warm, and you want to call her up and spill your heart to her instantly, despite how petite she is, all she has to do is say hi and you are having a whole conversation with her! Eleanor is growing up the spitting image of her famous mom, Devon Aoki, and as she steps out in skin-tight jeans blasting Rick Astley, she has the making of a beautifully well-adjusted adult.

Eleanor is young – she’s in one of those tiny bodies and yet her presence is massive; she is the littlest,buzziest bundle of light.callbacks to midnight, her comedy is incredible and easy as pie! She will be a woman of over thirty before long, but there is something of the old, thinly smiling way Eleanor walks on herself that shows you the wryness she will grow to must be laying in state just under the shimmy. As Eleanor steers herself into adulthood, she looks at life as itself a journey, and for every day that passes – a new leaf to be folded, while learning from the grace and beauty of her mother. Eleanor Talitha Bailey is a name we will all remember, and after seeing such a great deal of charm and charisma fromw e can only see huge great things for her in the future.

Family Roots and Influences

Eleanor Talitha Bailey comes from a family tree adorned with luminaries and influencers, creating a rich tapestry of talent and heritage. Her mother, Devon Aoki, is a prominent figure in the American entertainment industry, known for her memorable roles in films such as “2 Fast 2 Furious” and “Sin City.” Devon has also enjoyed a successful career as a model, gracing the covers of various magazines and representing major brands.

Eleanor shares a close bond with her siblings: James Bailey Jr., Alessandra Linville, and Evelyn Bailey. Together, they occasionally find themselves in the media spotlight, particularly during runway shows and family gatherings.

The Bailey family history is a fascinating mix of many cultures. Eleanor’s grandfather, Hiroaki Aoki or Rocky, was an amateur wrestler who later found fame as a restaurant entrepreneur and the founder of the Benihana restaurant chain. Her grandmother, Pamela Hilburger is an accomplished jewellery maker and artist (from the German side with a bit of English thrown in, I must admit). A multi-dimensional story, reflecting the intersectional lives that have meshed to create the distinct history of the Baileys.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s Family Background

Her parents are engaged in 2010, and her father who is a James Bailey married to her mother Devon Aoki on April 2011. The daughter of Hiroaki Aoki, Jnr – better known as Rocky – who became famous competing as an Olympic wrestler and through the Benihana chain of restaurants, Devon Aoki is an American actress and model. Her mother, Pamela Hilburger, is a talented jewelry designer and an English and German artist. Devon // Began modeling at 13 // Face of Versace at 16.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s Grandparents

Her grandfather, Hiroaki Aoki, known for his adventurous spirit, embarked on a journey from Japan to the United States, where he achieved fame as the founder of Benihana. His life was marked by thrilling wrestling matches and exhilarating powerboat races, leaving a legacy of excitement wherever he went. Conversely, Eleanor’s grandmother, Pamela Hilburger, explored her passions for painting and jewelry crafting following her separation from Aoki in 1991, preferring a quieter life away from the public eye.

Parental Influence and Guidance

Eleanor Talitha Bailey was raised with a strong foundation provided by her parents. James Bailey, a Harvard alumnus and astute analyst at TA Associates, instilled the values of diligence and education from an early age. Devon Aoki, recognized for her collaboration with Swarovski and success in the fashion industry, brought creativity and inspiration into Eleanor’s life. From them, Eleanor received mentorship in both business acumen and artistic expression.

These influences guided Eleanor towards a career in modeling, inspired by the exemplary leadership and resilience demonstrated by her parents. Beyond economic prosperity, Eleanor learned the prudent use of resources and talents, shaping her journey with confidence and wise decision-making.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey: Parental Love and Unity

Devon Aoki and James Bailey’s love story began with a serendipitous blind date, sparking a romance that transcended the glamour of Hollywood. Rooted in genuine connection and shared dreams, their bond blossomed into a steadfast partnership. This journey culminated in the arrival of Eleanor, their beloved third child and second daughter, who holds a special place in their hearts.

In the nurturing haven of Devon and James’s home, Eleanor thrives, bringing boundless joy and fulfillment. Her presence symbolizes the deep connection they cherish, a testament to the enduring strength of their love amidst life’s challenges. Devon and James exemplify unwavering devotion, creating a sanctuary of love and stability amidst the complexities of the world.

Their family’s journey is a powerful testament to the transformative power of commitment and mutual respect, illustrating how these values cultivate enduring and enriching relationships.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s Siblings

Eleanor Talitha Bailey has two sisters and a brother, and is also part of an active family. Alessandra Linville Bailey (2/12/2013), her older sister, is 10-years old in 2024. The retired from J.J., her brother, was born on 2011, February 12 and he is now 13 years old. The final sibling for both Aoki and Bailey, also turns 3 this year, as mom has her cutest apple in 2020 with Evelyn.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey as her Mother’s Mini-Me in Modeling

In a milestone moment in November 2023, Eleanor Talitha Bailey graced the cover of Vogue Japan alongside her mother, the esteemed model and actress Devon Aoki. The photoshoot garnered widespread attention, with Devon Aoki proudly sharing the images on her Instagram account and expressing gratitude for the opportunity to feature alongside her daughter. Devon’s caption, “Thank you so much. Vogue Japan 2023 November Issue with my baby girl Eleanor,” reflected the pride and joy of this special collaboration.

Beyond her burgeoning career in modeling, Eleanor Talitha Bailey harbors a deep passion for sports, particularly horse racing. Her talent was on full display when she clinched the top spot at the Horses in the Park competition held in November 2023. Devon Aoki captured this proud moment on her Instagram, simply captioning the post with “Socks and Eleanor this weekend,” accompanied by a pink heart emoji. Eleanor’s diverse interests and achievements underscore her versatility and unwavering determination to excel in her pursuits.

Educational Journey and Career Aspirations

At just nine years old, Eleanor is currently focused on her education and personal development. While she is still in her formative years, it appears she may follow in Devon Aoki’s footsteps in the entertainment and fashion industries.

Her parents have imparted invaluable skills to Eleanor, educating her about endorsements and modeling, laying the foundation for her future endeavors. As she approaches adolescence, Eleanor is poised to blossom into a young woman, guided by the support and wisdom of her parents.

Wealth and Lifestyle

Eleanor Talitha Bailey comes from a family with substantial financial resources. Her mother, Devon Aoki, is estimated to have a net worth of $30 million, while her father, James Bailey, boasts a fortune of $4 million. This affluence is evident in the family’s opulent lifestyle, characterized by ownership of multiple residences in prestigious neighborhoods such as Benedict Canyon and Los Angeles.

Growing up in such privilege has provided Eleanor with a foundation of abundance and countless opportunities. Her parents’ financial stability ensures access to top-tier education, enriching extracurricular activities, and a comfortable living environment. This upbringing has undoubtedly instilled in Eleanor a sense of confidence and the freedom to explore various paths in life.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s Hobbies

Though the exact hobbies of Eleanor Talitha Bailey have been kept private, it can be assumed with her upbringing and setting. Eleanor is brought up in a fashion and entertainment-intensive family so there is no doubt that she has passion in fashion. Possibly influenced by a childhood exposure to modeling and artistic expression, she might like to test-drive various styles or keep abreast of new trends.

Plus, perhaps having been encouraged by her family to pursue creative endeavours when growing up, Eleanor may have taken to activities like drawing, painting, and performing. This speculation offers but a mere sight into the kinds of things that might interest a young girl, raised in a vibrant and culturally-rich environment.

The Bright Future Ahead

With raw talent and an incredible support system- Eleanor Talitha Bailey is one to watch for a long time! She only grows sharper with practice and each stage she climbs atop, Eleanor is carving out a place for herself in entertainment.

As she takes the next steps in her life, her fans wait eagerly, while Eleanor remains focused on her education and growing her as a person. She works hard both academically as an ambitious junior in high school and at her budding career full of potential.

Rising icon Eleanor continues to cement herself as one to watch, destined to leave a distinctive mark of her own.


  • Family Background: Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s parents are Devon Aoki, a renowned actress, and James Bailey, an analyst at TA Associates.She was raised in a multicultural household with Japanese, German, and English roots, shaping her diverse upbringing.
  • Modeling Debut: Eleanor made her modeling debut on the cover of Vogue Japan in November 2023 alongside her mother, Devon Aoki.This early exposure highlighted her potential in the modeling industry.
  • Passion for Sports: Despite her young age, Eleanor shows a keen interest in sports, particularly horse racing.She demonstrated her skills by excelling in the Horses in the Park competition in November 2023.
  • Educational Priorities: At eight years old, Eleanor prioritizes education and personal growth as foundational for her future endeavors.This underscores her commitment to academic success and self-development.
  • Aspirations in Entertainment: Inspired by her mother’s career in modeling and acting, Eleanor aims to pursue a similar path in the entertainment industry.She aspires to establish herself as a prominent figure in this competitive field.
  • Privileged Upbringing: Eleanor enjoys the benefits of a privileged upbringing, thanks to her family’s substantial wealth.This includes access to elite education and opportunities that support her talents and interests.
  • Mixed Ethnicity: Eleanor’s mixed ethnicity—Japanese, German, and English—adds to her unique identity and cultural heritage.It shapes her worldview and enriches her understanding of diverse cultures.
  • Parental Guidance: Guided by her parents’ emphasis on hard work and pursuing dreams, Eleanor receives strong support in achieving her goals.Their values of perseverance and ambition are integral to her personal and professional growth.
  • Influence of Family Legacy: The legacies of her grandparents, Hiroaki Aoki and Pamela Hilburger, have profoundly influenced Eleanor’s upbringing.Their achievements in business and the arts inspire her journey and contribute to her evolving identity.

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Final Words

The youngest of both (February 12, 2015), Eleanor Talitha Bailey is American actress and popular fashion model Devon Aoki and an amazing analyst James Bailey. Born into a cultural melting pot with Japanese, German, and English history, Eleanor has cultivated a deep love for her diverse background. She made headlines at the age of just nine after sharing a Vogue Japan cover with mum in November 2023 This is clear from the sparkling sportive worldly, directly, their profile Horses in the Park in the cheapest. Education and growth have always been important to Eleanor and she gets it from a long line of determined and ambitious family members. Ready for a promising future, she plans to pursue a degree in entertainment like her mother.

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