Factors that Contribute to Trakem 100mg effects while your Pain Treatment

Trakem 100 mg or Tramadol is a synthetically based opiate that eradicates pain by working on the nervous system and brain to reduce the amount of pain felt by an individual. The tablet does this by modifying a patient’s perception of pain which in turn provides them with effective relief for a substantial period. Its successful results and effects are also due to two complementary mechanisms of action that affect both norepinephrine and serotonin in the body.

Opiates are a group of medications which is commonly used to treat mild to moderately severe discomfort or pain experienced in varied parts of the body. Although synthetically based, the analgesic activity of Tramadol is the same as any other natural Opioid.

Correct Trakem dosage for quick and effective results

Trakem 100mg tablets are available in two forms, namely immediate-release and extended-release tablets. Immediate-release tablets cause the active ingredient to be released in the body quickly, resulting in rapid pain relief. The extended-release tablets cause the active ingredient to be released at a slower pace over a longer period, resulting in longer-lasting pain relief.

For effective pain relief and enhanced Tramadol effects, patients are urged to follow dosage instructions. Below are dosage guidelines that ensure positive results.

Immediate release:

  • For chronic pain: A single 25 mg oral dose is to be taken every morning initially and can be taken 4 times a day which adds up to 100mg. A 100 mg oral dose can be taken after every 4-6 hours, but the maximum limit is 400 mg in a day.
  • For acute pain: 50-100 mg oral dose every 4-6 hours as needed and must not exceed 400 mg daily.


  • The oral dose can start at 100 mg once daily and can be increased by 100mg a day, every 5 days. The dose must not overreach more than 300 mg in a day. 

For the best results, patients are advised to take the tablet exactly as recommended. It should be noted that Trakem effects differ by which form is taken in terms of release, but the benefits and positive outcomes remain the same.

How is Trakem different from other Opioid painkillers?

This synthetic oral treatment works to eliminate moderate to severe pain. Apart from this, Trakem also has another effect, being a serotonin/norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (an SNRI), which gives a weak antidepressant effect. These chemical processes make Trakem 100 mg a highly versatile painkiller, and a popular choice among patients.

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