Who Is Gitrid Morgan? Know All About Tracy Morgan’s Son

Gitrid Morgan is an emerging young talent from the United States who has captured the spotlight in the entertainment industry, drawing attention for his familial ties and burgeoning career. As the first child of Sabina and Tracy Morgan, a renowned comedian and actor, Gitrid has been immersed in public attention since a young age. Tracy Morgan’s influence has notably bolstered Gitrid’s popularity, with a dedicated fan base closely following their family journey.

Gitrid holds American nationality, reflecting his upbringing in the United States, and proudly identifies as Black, embracing this aspect of his cultural heritage. Despite his early fame, Gitrid and his family maintain a level of privacy by keeping personal details like his birth date and zodiac sign out of the public domain. This discretion allows Gitrid to navigate his life with a sense of normalcy beyond the spotlight.

As Gitrid continues to mature, potentially following his father’s illustrious career path, his background and familial support will undoubtedly shape his trajectory in the entertainment industry. Currently, Gitrid Morgan stands as a promising young talent with a bright future, guided by the unwavering support and nurturing from his parents, Sabina and Tracy Morgan.

Gitrid Morgan Wiki

Full NameGitrid Morgan
Date of birth1986
Place of birthAmerica
Parents)Sabina Morgan (Mother)Tracy Morgan (Father)
Age :34 years old
Net value70 million dollars.

Early Years of Gitrid Morgan

Gitrid Morgan was born in the United States in 1986, making him 34 years old as of now. His father, Tracy Morgan, is a renowned comedian and actor famous for his work on “Saturday Night Live,” while his mother, Sabina Morgan, is a respected producer. The couple married in 1987 but sadly parted ways in 2009. Gitrid has three siblings named Malcolm Morgan, Maven Morgan, and Sonae Morgan, along with Tracy Morgan Jr.

Tracy Morgan: Early Life and Career Beginnings

Tracy Jamal Morgan, born on November 10, 1968, in the Bronx, New York, is the son of Alicia and Jimmy Morgan. His educational journey led him to DeWitt Clinton High School, although he left following his father’s passing. Tracy’s early career saw him honing his comedic skills on the streets, including performances near Yankee Stadium, as he pursued his livelihood through comedy.

Tracy Morgan’s Professional Journey

Tracy Morgan’s career in entertainment began with comedy performances that propelled him into television with roles in prominent shows like ‘Martin’ in 1994 and ‘Saturday Night Live,’ where he starred for seven seasons, appearing in 137 episodes. Transitioning to producing and presenting, Morgan launched ‘The Tracy Morgan Show’ in 2003 and voiced “Woof” in ‘Where My Dogs At?’ in 2006. That same year, he gained recognition for his role as Tracy Jordan in ’30 Rock,’ a role he maintained until 2013. Hosting ‘Scare Tactics’ from 2008 to 2013 and making guest appearances on various TV shows, Morgan’s versatility shone through. His film career, which began in 1996, includes appearances in a variety of movies, such as ‘How High,’ ‘Head of State,’ ‘The Longest Yard,’ ‘Little Man,’ ‘Superhero Movie,’ ‘Cop Out,’ ‘The Other Guys,’ ‘The Night Before,’ ‘First Fight,’ and ‘The Clapper.’ His journey showcases his enduring impact in both television and film, marked by his comedic prowess and diverse roles over the years.

Tracy Morgan Awards & Achievements

At the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2009, Tracy Moran won an award for his role in ’30 Rock’. The actor has received three nominations from Online Film & Television Association Awards, eight nominations from the Image Awards, and two nominations from the Primetime Emmys. In 2015, he won the Behind the Voice Actors Awards and was also a nominee at the 2008 Gold Derby Awards. He has earned the NAMIC Vision Awards of 2010.

Primetime Emmy NominationsFor 30 Rock2009
For Saturday Night Live2016
Awards for 30 RockGolden Nymph2010
NAMIC Vision Award2010
Group AwardBehind the Voice Feature Film Voice Acting Award for The Boxtrolls2015
Hollywood Walk of FameStar received2018
Entertainment Icon AwardBy the New York Friars Club, first Black recipient2022
Other NominationsBlack Reel Awards for TelevisionVarious
NAACP Image AwardsVarious
Online Film & Television Association awardsVarious

Gitrid Morgan Relationship status

Gitrid Morgan values privacy greatly and prefers to keep his personal life out of the public spotlight. Despite his background and rising prominence, Gitrid maintains a deliberate low profile when it comes to matters concerning his family. While he is married and has children, he carefully shields the specifics of his family life from public scrutiny.

This discretion is understandable given the intense scrutiny that often accompanies fame. By safeguarding his personal life, Gitrid ensures that he and his family can lead a normal and peaceful life away from the public eye. This protective stance helps shield his loved ones from the pressures and intrusions that can accompany public visibility.

Gitrid’s decision to maintain privacy underscores his desire for a balanced approach between his public persona and personal life. While fans may be curious about his family dynamics, Gitrid remains steadfast in his commitment to privacy. This separation allows him to nurture his relationships and family bonds without external interference, creating a supportive environment for his spouse and children.

Gitrid Morgan’s dedication to preserving the privacy of his personal life, despite his public status, reflects his deep commitment to safeguarding his family and maintaining a sense of normalcy amidst the challenges of fame.

Gitrid Morgan’s Financial Status

Gitrid Morgan’s financial details, including his earnings, assets, vehicles, and overall net worth, remain largely undisclosed. He maintains a deliberate stance on privacy, ensuring that his financial affairs remain out of the public spotlight, aligning with his broader approach to safeguarding personal information.

In contrast, Gitrid’s father, Tracy Morgan, has a well-documented financial history. As reported by celebritynetworth.com, Tracy Morgan’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $70 million. Tracy’s financial success stems from his illustrious career as a comedian and actor, notably his tenure on “Saturday Night Live” and his starring role in the television series “30 Rock.” His talent and dedication have not only earned him critical acclaim but also significant financial rewards.

Tracy Morgan’s substantial net worth reflects his achievements across various facets of entertainment. Beyond television, he has excelled in stand-up comedy, film roles, and endorsements. His resilience, particularly in overcoming a serious car accident in 2014, has further solidified his reputation as a beloved figure in the industry.

While Gitrid Morgan’s financial standing remains private, the influence of Tracy Morgan’s success provides a stable foundation for Gitrid and his family. Despite the absence of public details about Gitrid’s personal finances, it is evident that his upbringing has been within a prosperous environment shaped by his father’s achievements.

Gitrid Morgan prioritizes privacy concerning his financial matters, including salaries, properties, cars, and net worth. Meanwhile, Tracy Morgan’s substantial net worth underscores his successful entertainment career, highlighting the supportive backdrop in which Gitrid has been raised.

FAQs About Gitrid Morgan

Q. Who is Gitrid Morgan?
Gitrid Morgan is a young and rising child star from America, known for being the first child of Sabina and Tracy Morgan. His emerging presence in the entertainment industry and his famous family background have garnered him significant attention and admiration.

Q. What is Gitrid Morgan’s nationality and ethnicity?
Gitrid Morgan is American by nationality and his ethnicity is Black.

Q. What are Gitrid Morgan’s parents’ names?
Gitrid Morgan’s father is Tracy Morgan, a well-known comedian and actor, and his mother is Sabina Morgan, a producer.

Q. Does Gitrid Morgan have any siblings?
Yes, Gitrid Morgan has three siblings: Malcolm Morgan, Maven Sonae Morgan, and Tracy Morgan Jr.

Q. What is known about Gitrid Morgan’s personal life?
Gitrid Morgan is married and has children, but he keeps the details of his family life private. He prefers to maintain a low profile regarding his personal matters.

Q. What is Gitrid Morgan’s father’s net worth?
Tracy Morgan, Gitrid’s father, has an estimated net worth of $70 million, according to celebritynetworth.com. This wealth comes from his successful career in comedy and acting.

Q. Has Gitrid Morgan disclosed any information about his own net worth?
No, Gitrid Morgan has not disclosed any details about his salaries, properties, cars, or net worth. He maintains a high level of privacy regarding his financial matters.


Gitrid Morgan has emerged as a notable figure in the entertainment industry, largely owing to his illustrious family background. As the eldest child of renowned comedian and actor Tracy Morgan and producer Sabina Morgan, Gitrid has been a public figure from a young age. Despite his increasing prominence, Gitrid and his family have intentionally kept certain personal details confidential, such as his birth date and zodiac sign, to preserve a sense of normalcy away from the public gaze.

Born American with a Black ethnicity, Gitrid proudly embraces his cultural heritage. While his father Tracy Morgan enjoys a substantial net worth of $70 million derived from his successful entertainment career, Gitrid opts to maintain privacy regarding his own financial matters, including salaries, properties, and net worth.

Throughout his upbringing and ongoing journey, Gitrid’s family has profoundly influenced his path. Tracy Morgan’s achievements and financial stability have provided a supportive backdrop, enabling Gitrid to navigate his public persona while safeguarding his personal life.

Looking ahead, Gitrid Morgan’s trajectory in the entertainment realm is poised to be shaped by his familial legacy and connections. Currently seen as a promising young talent, Gitrid is poised for a bright future, buoyed by the unwavering support and guidance of his parents, Sabina and Tracy Morgan.

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