How Do You Play Pet Simulator 99 In Roblox

Roblox Pet Simulator 99 welcomes you to create a group of occasionally fierce buddies discover environments and gather wealth. However, when faced with Roblox pets to acquire locations to uncover and skills to perfect how do you get started? Well, this guide will help you. It has the information and tactics needed to succeed in the realm of Pet Simulator 99.

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Hatching And Evolving

Upon entering the Pet Sim 99 game, you’ll be greeted by a starter egg. Hatch it to obtain your first pet! This cute creature will be your everlasting companion in your journey. As you explore the world and defeat enemies, you’ll collect coins, the lifeblood of Pet Simulator 99.

  • Evolving Your Pets: Use collected coins to purchase new eggs from the vending machines scattered around the Pet Simulator 99 map. Hatching these eggs will yield new pets, some rarer and more valuable than others. Fuse multiple pets of the same type to evolve them into stronger versions!


Earning Big Bucks

Gathering Pet Simulator 99 coins plays a role, in getting pets and upgrades. Here’s a guide on how to ensure you always have enough coins to take care of your pets in Pet Simulator 99;

  • Defeating Enemies: Every enemy you defeat drops Pet Sim 99 coins. Target stronger enemies for a bigger payout.
  • Completing Quests: Roblox Pet Simulator 99 NPCs (non-playable characters) offer quests that reward you with coins and sometimes even rare eggs.
  • Breaking Shiny Objects: Keep an eye out for shimmering objects scattered around the map. Smashing them yields a coin shower!

Diamonds: The Premium Currency

Diamonds are a premium currency used for acquiring exclusive pets, potions, and permanent upgrades. You can obtain them through:

  • Robux: Spend Robux (Roblox’s premium currency) to purchase diamonds directly.
  • Rare Drops: Defeating challenging bosses or completing special events has a chance of rewarding you with diamonds.
  • Trading: Trade your unwanted pets or items with other players for diamonds.

Exploring The World And Unlocking New Areas

The world of Pet Simulator 99 is vast and varied with terrains and hidden mysteries waiting to be discovered. Each region presents its set of obstacles, adversaries, and – fresh types of eggs waiting to hatch! To unlock new areas, you’ll need to collect a specific amount of “elemental orbs.” These orbs are dropped by enemies or found hidden around the Pet Simulator 99 map.

Powering Up Your Pets

Pets can be further enhanced with potions and enchantments. Potions temporarily boost your pet’s stats, while enchantments offer permanent upgrades. These can be acquired through:

  • Vending Machines: Purchase potions and enchantments using Pet Simulator 99 coins or diamonds from designated vending machines.
  • Free Rewards: Certain areas offer free potions or enchantments as rewards.

Beyond The Basics

  • Join a Team: Teaming up with players lets you take on challenging Pet Simulator 99 tasks together and pool your resources.
  • Special Events: Keep an eye out for events that come with rewards and chances, for exciting experiences.

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