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Jaya Kelly, a 23-year-old American singer, is widely recognized as the child of renowned R&B artist R. Kelly. In 2014, Jaya Kelly made headlines by publicly coming out as a transgender male. This article delves into Jaya Kelly’s personal life, exploring his gender transition and the journey that has shaped his experiences. Read on to learn more about Jaya Kelly’s story and the path he has taken.

society often enthralled by the lives of celebrities, few stories resonate as deeply with authenticity and bravery as Jaya Kelly journey.As the transgender child of R. Kelly, Jaya’s life provides a unique lens on identity, family dynamics, and societal challenges.

This comprehensive blog post explores Jaya Kelly’s biography, transition, and the intricate realities of growing up in a prominent family surrounded by controversy.


In the realm of famous families, the spotlight often casts both intense scrutiny and widespread admiration on their children. Among these individuals is Jaya Kelly, whose story exemplifies resilience, strength, and the enduring power of family ties. Let’s take an in-depth look into Jaya’s life, exploring her background, achievements, and the significant impact she has on those around her.


Full NameJaya Kelly
NicknamesJaah Baby, Jay
Date of BirthNovember 26, 2000
Age23 years old (as of 2024)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Place of BirthUnited States of America
Current ResidenceUnited States of America
Height (in inches)5’8’’
Height (in cm)172
Weight (in lbs)139
Weight (in kg)63
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark brown
FatherRobert Sylvester Kelly
MotherAndrea Lee
SiblingsJoann Kelly, Robert Kelly Jr.
Relationship StatusSingle
Net Worth$300,000–$500,000

Who is Jaya Kelly?

Jaya Kelly, an emerging talent in the music industry, hails from the United States. As the middle child of renowned musician R. Kelly and accomplished choreographer Andrea Lee, Jaya has garnered attention not only for his musical abilities but also for his journey of self-discovery regarding gender identity and sexuality.

Born in 2000, Jaya Kelly is 23 years old in 2023. He is the second of three children, with siblings Joann (born in 1998) and Robert Jr. (born in 2002). Growing up, Jaya’s family frequently relocated due to his father’s career, making it difficult for him to form lasting friendships. This transient lifestyle compounded the challenges Jaya Kelly faced in opening up about his gender fluidity, leading to instances of bullying at school.

Jaya Kelly parents, Robert Sylvester Kelly (R. Kelly), a well-known musician who has faced legal issues, and Andrea “Lee” Danyell, a multifaceted choreographer and actress, have significantly influenced his life. Despite the challenges, Jaya’s journey is marked by resilience and strength, making him an inspirational figure for many. For more on Jaya Kelly’s story, visit.

Jaya Kelly biography

Jaya Kelly, raised in Los Angeles, California, is an American with African heritage. Known as the second child of R&B icon R. Kelly, Jaya has gained prominence not only as a celebrity offspring but also as a transgender individual. In a candid interview, Jaya shared the struggle of feeling confined in a female body and courageously embraced his identity as a transgender male.

Jaya Kelly made headlines in 2014 when he publicly came out as a transgender male, surprising many, including his father, who expressed disapproval in a 2014 interview. However, Jaya’s mother, Andrea Lee, supported and respected his decision. Born female in 2000, Jaya Kelly, also known as “Jaah,” announced his transition on a now-deleted Ask.fm video, marking a significant step in his journey toward self-acceptance and authenticity.

Jaya Kelly Early Life?

Jaya Kelly, born in 2000 in the United States, is the child of choreographer Andrea Kelly and singer R. Kelly, both of African American heritage.

From a young age, Jaya Kellyidentified as male, despite being assigned female at birth. In 2014, he bravely came out as a transgender male. Throughout this journey, Jaya received unwavering support from his mother, Andrea, who helped him navigate this significant transition. Unfortunately, his father did not accept Jaya’s gender identity.

During his upbringing, Jaya faced bullying from peers due to his choice to wear boys’ clothing. Despite these challenges, he remained resilient and committed to living authentically. Today, Jaya Kelly has fully embraced his true identity and lives as a transgender male, serving as an inspiration to many.

Jaya Kelly age?

As of 2024, rising singer Jaya Kelly is 23 years old. Born on November 26, 2000, Jaya is a Sagittarius.

Formerly known as Jaya, he realized at a young age that traditional female gender expressions did not align with his identity. Biologically female at birth, Jaya began to understand his true gender identity around the ages of 6 or 7. He shared on his Ask.FM profile that he never felt comfortable dressing in a feminine manner or having a feminine anatomy from an early age

Jaya Kelly Family?

Jaah’s journey of self-discovery took a significant turn with his transition. He openly communicated his need for medical support and surgery to align with his true identity. Fortunately, his family, especially his mother, stood by him wholeheartedly, expressing pride in his courage and thanking him for being true to himself.

Despite this familial support, Jaah faced obstacles from society. He endured mockery and bullying at school and encountered resistance when trying to use the boys’ bathroom. However, these challenges did not shake his determination to live authentically.

Jaah’s transition was a pivotal step in his path to self-discovery. He expressed his desire for surgery and medication to help him become the person he knew he was meant to be. His family, particularly his mother Andrea Lee, supported his decision, proudly acknowledging his bravery and resilience.

Who are Jaya Kelly siblings?

Growing up, the vocalist shared his childhood with two siblings: an older sister named Joann, born in 1998, and a younger brother named Robert Jr., born in 2002. Jaya Kelly sister follows her passion for music under the stage name Buku Abi, while his brother has found his calling on the basketball court.

Who are Jaya Kelly parents?

Jay’s parents are Robert Sylvester Kelly and Andrea Lee. His father, widely known as R. Kelly, is a renowned American singer, songwriter, and record producer, famous for chart-topping hits like “I Believe I Can Fly” and “Ignition (Remix).” Once celebrated as the King of R&B, R. Kelly has sold over 100 million records worldwide. However, his legacy took a significant hit in 2023 when he was convicted of sex trafficking and sentenced to over 30 years in prison.

Jaah’s relationship with his parents is complex. While he maintains a close bond with his mother, Andrea, his relationship with his father is strained. The legal issues and criminal activities surrounding R. Kelly have created a significant rift between him and his children.

Academic Pursuits and Educational Endeavors?

Energized by an oddity for learning and an assurance to manufacture her own particular manner, Jaya Kelly moved toward her scholarly interests with enduring commitment. Her instructive journey displayed her keenness as well as her immovable obligation to personal growth. With difficult work and strength, she turned into a brilliant illustration of scholarly splendor, earning commendation and affirmation for her striking achievements.

Jaya Kelly: Siblings

Jaya Kelly, born in the United States, has two siblings. His sister, JoAnn Kelly, born in 1998, pursues a career in music under the stage name Buku Ab. Jaya Kelly also has a younger brother named Robert Kelly Jr., born in 2002, who excels as a basketball player.

While attending high school locally, Jaya discovered his deep passion for music. He devoted himself to practicing and refining his musical talents during this time. Opting not to pursue higher education, Jaya Kelly wholeheartedly committed to nurturing his musical aspirations.

Sisterhood and Brotherhood: The Power of Family Bonds?

Fundamental to Jaya Kelly story is the profound significance of sisterhood and fraternity. By sharing life’s promising and less promising times and remaining by one another, she constructed solid bonds with her kin, exemplifying the genuine soul of family fortitude and strength.

Jaya Kelly Career 

Following in his sister’s footsteps, Jaya Kelly draws inspiration from his father’s musical legacy. Jaya Kelly embarked on his musical journey during high school, showing promising potential for further growth in his career. Performing under the pseudonym Jaah Child, Jaya, the son of R. Kelly, made his musical debut at the young age of 13. His notable single, “Supply,” was released in 2014, marking the beginning of his musical ventures. Despite having several songs to his credit, the celebrity offspring has chosen to keep his content away from traditional media outlets, opting instead to distribute his music for streaming on platforms like SoundCloud. Here are some of his popular tracks.

Jaya Kelly net worth

The young celebrity reportedly holds a net worth estimated between $300,000 and $500,000. Jaya Kelly derives her income mainly from her career as a singer, supplemented by earnings from live performances at various events. Her music on SoundCloud also contributes to her earnings through royalties.

In contrast, her mother, Andrea Kelly, is valued at approximately $5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Andrea has accumulated this wealth through her successful career as a choreographer, dancer, and actress.

Jaya Kelly’s The R. Kelly Merige?

Jaya Kelly father, Robert Sylveste R. Kelly, achieved prominence as a renowned R&B singer, songwriter, and record producer. Throughout his career, he amassed tremendous success in the music industry, selling over 75 million records worldwide. R. Kelly is widely acknowledged as one of the top-selling male artists in R&B history and has left an indelible mark on music culture.

Despite his musical accomplishments, R. Kelly’s career has been marred by serious legal challenges. He has faced allegations and legal proceedings related to racketeering and sexual offenses, including multiple accusations of sexual abuse. These allegations resulted in extensive criminal trials and civil lawsuits against him.

In 2022, R. Kelly was convicted in a New York court on eight counts of sex trafficking and one count of racketeering, leading to a sentence of 30 years in federal prison. Concurrently, he faced another federal trial in Chicago, where he was found guilty of child sexual abuse. Presently, R. Kelly is serving his sentence at Butner Federal Prison in North Carolina.

Jaya Kelly Height

Jaah Kelly stands at a height of 1.74 meters (174 centimeters). This height, which translates to approximately 5 feet 8 inches, reflects Jaah’s physical stature. 

The Story of Jaya Kelly: R. Kelly’s Transgender Child?

Jaya Lee Kelly was born in 2000 in the United States to American choreographer Andrea Kelly and singer R. Kelly. Both of Jaya’s parents have African American roots and are U.S. citizens.

From a young age, Jaya identified as male, despite being assigned female at birth. In 2014, he bravely came out as a transgender male, a pivotal moment in his life. While his mother, Andrea, provided steadfast support throughout his journey, his father, R. Kelly, did not fully accept Jaya’s identity.

During his upbringing, Jaya Kelly confronted bullying from peers due to his choice to dress in masculine attire. Despite these challenges, he remained resilient and stayed true to himself. Jaya underwent a complete transition to live authentically as a transgender male, marking a significant milestone in his personal journey.

Realizing Her Identity?

From a young age, Jaya felt different. She didn’t enjoy the things that girls her age typically did and felt more comfortable in boys’ clothing. Around the age of 6 or 7, she began to understand that she was attracted to girls.

This realization led to a lot of confusion and internal conflict, as she felt she had to choose between her identity and societal expectations.

In 2014, at the age of 14, Jaya made the brave decision to come out as transgender. She changed her name to Jaah and began living as a boy.

This decision was met with a lot of support from her family, particularly her mother, who expressed her unconditional love for Jaah regardless of his gender identity.

Personal life of Jaah Kelly

Despite his turmoil with his father, Jaah has inherited his father’s passion for music and songwriting. Currently, Jaah lives with his mother and is exploring a music career. Jaah has expressed on multiple occasions that he plans to become a successful musician.

Following sharing one of his life’s biggest milestones, Jaah has focused on keeping his private life hidden away from the shackles of media. Since he doesn’t like to discuss his personal life and relationships, it isn’t surprising that there isn’t much information online about who he is dating.

Transition and Public Perception?

At the age of 14, Jaya publicly embraced his male identity and adopted the name Jaah, marking a pivotal moment in his life.

This courageous step by Jaah Kelly was not only a significant personal milestone but also a profound statement on transgender representation in the realm of celebrities.

Jaah’s transition resonated widely, shedding light on the experiences of transgender youth and becoming a source of inspiration and encouragement for others navigating similar journeys.

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Jaya Kelly Legacy and Impact?

Jaya Kelly story goes past being the girl of a social symbol. It’s a story of flexibility, strength, and the persistent pursuit of dreams. Her process remains as verification of the inconceivable force of steadiness and assurance. Through her accomplishments and decisions, she has contacted the existences of many, having an enduring impact on those lucky enough to know her. Her story fills in as a reference point of motivation, empowering others to embrace their own ways with dauntlessness and conviction


Jaah’s fame largely stems from his celebrity parents, though his relationship dynamics differ significantly between his father and mother. While Robert, despite his shortcomings as a spouse, made efforts to be a positive influence in his children’s lives, their relationship fractured upon the revelation of his illicit activities.

In contrast, Jaah shares a notably close bond with his mother, Drea. They currently reside together, and she has been a nurturing presence in her children’s lives. In numerous interviews, Drea has expressed that her children are her entire world and the center of her universe. In essence, Jaah and his mother share an inseparable connection.

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Final Words

Jaya Kelly, the 23-year-old American singer, has captured public attention not just as the child of renowned R&B artist R. Kelly, but also for his courageous journey of self-discovery. In 2014, Jaya made headlines by publicly embracing his identity as a transgender male. This pivotal moment in his life marked a significant personal milestone and also highlighted important issues of gender identity and societal acceptance.

Born in 2000 to Andrea Kelly, a prominent choreographer, and R. Kelly, a controversial figure in the music industry, Jaya Kelly upbringing was both privileged and tumultuous. Growing up amidst his father’s fame and legal troubles, Jaya navigated challenges that shaped his resilience and determination. Despite facing bullying and societal stigma, particularly after coming out as transgender, Jaya found unwavering support from his mother, Andrea.

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