Joann Winkhart: Wiki/Bio, Educational Background, Early Life, Modeling Career, And Much More

Joann Winkhart is a private American citizen who prefers mystery regarding her lineage. Famed illusionist Criss Angel and she share a bond stretching back to their time together at East Meadow High, where blossoming interests foretold future renown. While guarded on private facets, she supported Criss through formative years developing skills which later astonished worldwide on stages. Their history cultivates fond remembrances of fellowship connecting two souls across unexpected career arc.

Their romantic journey began during their formative years, evolving into a significant relationship. Joann initially pursued a career in modeling, while Criss ventured into the world of magic, gaining widespread acclaim for his exceptional talents.

Interestingly, Joann made notable appearances on Criss Angel’s television show, “Mindfreak,” starting with its inaugural season in 2005, particularly during the mesmerizing “Buried Alive Illusion” act. Her presence continued throughout various episodes, adding an intriguing dimension to Criss Angel’s captivating performances.

Their intertwined lives highlight a unique blend of personal and professional dynamics, where Joann’s contributions brought an additional enchantment to Criss Angel’s magical endeavors.


Full NamesJoann Winkhart
Popular AsJoann
Occupation / ProfessionModel and Celebrity Wife
Race / EthnicityNot Available
ReligionNot Known
Sexual OrientationStraight
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Joann Winkhart: Biography

Joann Winkhart rose to prominence largely due to her association as the former spouse of the celebrated American magician, illusionist, and musician, Criss Angel. Concurrently, she was establishing herself in the realm of modeling. Her notable presence on Criss Angel’s enthralling television series, Mindfreak, was particularly noteworthy, showcasing their synergy as a formidable team.

Their shared journey spans a substantial period, marked not only by their partnership but also by a high-profile divorce that garnered considerable public interest. For those intrigued by the captivating persona of Joann Winkhart, there is a wealth of intriguing facets waiting to be explored.

Joann Winkhart’s Educational Background and Alma Mater

Joann Winkhart attended East Meadow High School, where she completed her schooling. However, details about her further educational pursuits remain undisclosed at this time. The specifics of her academic qualifications have not been publicly revealed. Should there be any developments regarding her education, we will provide updates accordingly.

Joann Winkhart’s Height and Nationality Revealed

Joann Winkhart is noted for her average stature, though photographic representations in various settings may sometimes suggest otherwise. Specific quantitative details regarding her height and other physical dimensions are not currently available. As updates on this front become accessible, we will ensure to provide accurate information for clarity.

Regarding her nationality, Joann proudly holds American citizenship, affirming her connection to the United States.

Joann Winkhart’s Personal Life: Insights into Privacy and Past Relationships

While Joann’s adolescence saw passionate affection shared with Criss, her high school beau, their young love bloomed yet briefly. Wed in 2002 after years entwined, their bond soon fractured, ending a chapter both cherished yet could not sustain.

The termination of their matrimony remained obscured, as did its duration, for the former couple preferred such intimacies stay interred. Respecting each other’s secrecy, they quietly parted ways four years after vows tied them, peaceably parting on private terms in a manner display their mutual esteem endured what ties could not.

Exploring Joann Winkhart’s Family Background and Early Life

Joann Winkhart’s formative years unfolded in Melbourne under the watchful care of her parents, yet delving into the specifics of her familial origins proves challenging. Details about her parents and any potential siblings remain obscured, shrouded in a veil of privacy.

This aspect of Joann’s life remains an enigmatic narrative, a tapestry of unanswered questions waiting to be unraveled. As time progresses, and if Joann decides to shed light on her family’s portrait, we remain committed to bringing you any new insights that may emerge.Exploring Joann Winkhart’s Family Background and Early Life Insights

Joann Winkhart, also known as Joanne Winkhart, was born in the United States, with her exact birth date remaining undisclosed. She proudly holds American citizenship and comes from a Caucasian heritage. Joann has chosen to maintain privacy regarding her early years, leaving much about her family and background unknown.

Interestingly, Joann and her ex-husband Criss Angel attended East Meadow High School together, where their love story began during their teenage years and continued for an extended period.

Joann pursued a career in modeling while Criss embarked on his path as a magician, gaining significant fame. Although Joann’s modeling career may not have reached the same heights as Criss’s magical achievements, she made notable appearances alongside him on his show, “Mindfreak.” Her debut on the show was in 2005 during Season 1, coinciding with Criss’s captivating “Buried Alive Illusion” magic act. Joann’s continued presence in subsequent episodes of “Mindfreak” added an intriguing dimension to her journey in the entertainment industry.

Joann Winkhart’s Relationship Journey: From Love to Privacy

Joann Winkhart’s personal life remains shrouded in mystery, particularly concerning her current relationship status, which she keeps private.

Previously, Joann shared a profound romantic connection with Criss Angel, a relationship that began during their school years, adding a touch of romance to their academic days. Their bond endured over time, leading to their marriage in 2002.

Their marital journey spanned approximately four years before they chose to part ways in 2006. Details surrounding their divorce remain confidential, reflecting their mutual desire to maintain privacy regarding that chapter of their lives. Since then, Joann and Criss have pursued separate paths, leaving behind a period rich in intrigue and mystery.

Joann Winkhart’s Notable Role as Criss Angel’s Former Spouse

Joann Winkhart gained prominence primarily through her association as the former wife of Criss Angel, the celebrated magician and illusionist. Her connection with Criss Angel thrust her into the limelight, capturing the attention of both the media and the magician’s extensive fan base.

Criss Angel Wiki

In the aforementioned context, Criss Angel, known formerly as Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos, emerges as a versatile luminary from Long Island, New York, born on December 19, 1967. His journey into the realms of enchantment and illusion began with captivating performances showcased in the televised and theatrical spectacle known as “Criss Angel Mindfreak.”

Following his academic pursuits, Criss dedicated himself wholeheartedly to transforming his passion into a distinguished career as a virtuoso magician. His unwavering dedication and mesmerizing talents swiftly propelled him to the pinnacle of fame within the media sphere.

Over time, Criss Angel has undoubtedly cemented his legacy through spectacular live performances and meaningful contributions to an array of creative mediums. His groundbreaking endeavors consist of the televised productions “Supernatural,” “The Science of Magic,” and “Criss Angel Believe,” as well as the longest-running show in Las Vegas history, “Mindfreak Live!,” and the feature film “The Supernaturalists.” Additionally, Criss co-created and starred in the magic-centric TV program “Magicjam.” Through daring displays of seemingly impossible feats and thoughtful pieces that stir imagination, Criss continues to mystify and motivate all ages with his unique brand of magic worldwide, leaving an indelible impression that transcends eras.

Joann Winkhart’s Professional Journey and Commitment to Animal Welfare

Joann Winkhart is recognized not only for her past marriage to the renowned magician and musician, Criss Angel, but also for her diverse achievements beyond that spotlight. A successful model, she has further extended her talents as the proprietor of The Refuge and & K. Pacho Restaurants.

In addition to her contributions to the restaurant and modeling industries, Joann is deeply committed to animal welfare. She actively serves as an HSUS District Leader, passionately advocating for animal well-being and raising awareness about their needs. Through her Twitter platform, she shares uplifting messages promoting compassion and care for animals, while also participating fervently in events dedicated to animal causes. Joann’s dedication to both her professional endeavors and her advocacy efforts is truly admirable.

Joann Winkhart’s Diverse Career Path and Television Presence

Joann Winkhart has made notable appearances on the television show “Mindfreak,” debuting in 2005 during its inaugural season. Her involvement coincided with Criss Angel’s captivating “Buried Alive Illusion,” showcasing her support and presence alongside him.

Beyond her television roles, Joann excels in various aspects of her career. She is recognized as a fashion model featured in Long Island Pulse magazine and also takes pride in her ownership of The Refuge and & K. Pacho Restaurants. Her ability to navigate both the entertainment industry and the restaurant business highlights her versatility and multifaceted talents.

Joann Winkhart’s Modeling Career: A Journey in Fashion

Joann Winkhart has established herself in the realm of modeling as her primary profession. Her career spans various modeling projects, encompassing striking photoshoots and engagement in diverse fashion-related activities. Modeling stands as her forte, allowing her to exhibit both her talents and beauty in the industry.

Joann Winkhart’s Financial Profile and Career Insights

Joann Winkhart, known for her past marriage to Criss Angel, continues to intrigue many despite maintaining a private stance on her net worth. While specifics remain undisclosed, her successful modeling career is presumed to have generated substantial income.

Rumors suggest Joann received a significant divorce settlement, potentially amounting to millions of dollars, contributing to her estimated net worth of approximately $800,000 as of August 2023.

In contrast, Criss Angel boasts a much larger fortune, reportedly around $50 million. His impressive earnings, totaling $16 million annually, rank him among the highest-paid magicians in the industry, as noted by Forbes. Beyond magic, Criss has extended his influence to television, notably as a judge on “America’s Got Talent,” alongside prominent figures such as Howie Mandel, Howard Stern, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Julianne Hough. His multifaceted success underscores his formidable presence in the entertainment world.

Trivia and Facts About Joann Winkhart

Joann Winkhart, also known as Joanne Winkhart, gained recognition through her relationship with the accomplished American illusionist and musician, Criss Angel, whom she married in 2002 after meeting at East Meadow High School. Their partnership, spanning from high school romance to marriage, included shared appearances on Criss’s show, “Mindfreak,” starting from Season 1 in 2005. Joann embarked on a modeling career around the same time that Criss was rising to fame as a magician.

Aside from her entertainment endeavors, Joann owns The Refuge and & K. Pacho Restaurants and is actively involved in animal welfare as an HSUS District Leader. She uses her Twitter platform to advocate for animal rights, reflecting her commitment to this cause.

Joann values her privacy, keeping details about her personal life, including her current romantic status, undisclosed. Her exact birthdate and family background remain unknown, contributing to the intrigue surrounding her public persona.

While Joann Winkhart’s marriage to magician Criss Angel ended in divorce back in 2006, she remains prominently connected to him as his ex-wife. Her current net worth of approximately $800,000 pales in comparison to Criss Angel’s considerable fortune of around $50 million that he has amassed largely from his wildly successful shows. Angel has crafted an impressive career for himself as one of the top earning magicians on the global stage. Meanwhile, Winkhart continues to attract attention in the limelight reflected from her past high-profile relationship with the magician megastar. The financial disparity between the former spouses stands in stark contrast, with Angel accumulating vast wealth through his mind-bending magic performances witnessed by millions as he is revered as the best in the business of illusion and deception.

Final Thoughts:

Joann Winkhart’s journey has been intertwined with both personal milestones and professional achievements, notably through her association with Criss Angel and her endeavors in modeling and entrepreneurship. Her commitment to animal welfare further underscores her diverse interests beyond the entertainment industry. Despite maintaining a private life, Joann continues to intrigue and inspire, leaving a lasting impression through her various contributions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Who is Joann Winkhart?
Joann Winkhart, sometimes known as Joanne Winkhart, is an American personality recognized for her past marriage to illusionist Criss Angel and her career in modeling.

2. What is Joann Winkhart known for?
Joann gained prominence for her relationship with Criss Angel and her appearances on his show, “Mindfreak,” alongside her modeling career and ownership of The Refuge and & K. Pacho Restaurants.

3. What is Joann Winkhart’s net worth?
As of August 2023, Joann Winkhart’s estimated net worth is approximately $800,000.

4. What happened to Joann Winkhart and Criss Angel’s marriage?
Joann Winkhart and Criss Angel married in 2002 but divorced in 2006. Details about their divorce remain private.

5. What does Joann Winkhart do now?
Joann Winkhart maintains a private life while continuing her advocacy for animal welfare and overseeing her restaurant businesses.

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