Laura Marie Holtzmann: Age, Height, Wealth, Family, Husband, and More

Laura Marie Holtzmann, born on April 5, 1968, is the daughter of the esteemed speaker Joyce Meyer and her husband, Dave Meyer. Over the years, Laura has become a prominent figure in American media, significantly contributing to her mother’s ministry. Despite her active participation since her youth, Laura, now 55, prefers to stay out of the limelight, maintaining a more reserved and private lifestyle.

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s Biography

Renowned American media personality Laura Marie Holtzmann is well-known for her relationship with her parents, Dave Meyer, an author and highly esteemed evangelical pastor, and Joyce Meyer. From an early age, Laura, the eldest daughter of Joyce Meyer, has been an integral part of her mother’s ministry.

She completed her high school education in her home state and then advanced her studies by attending a Christian college in California. Through her academic and personal journey, Laura has remained deeply committed to her family’s mission and values.

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s Age

As of 2023, Laura Marie Holtzmann will be 55 years old, having been born on April 5, 1968. Her zodiac sign is Aries, and she was born in the United States. Her birthday is celebrated annually on April 5.
As a natural-born American, Laura holds both American nationality and citizenship. She is of white ethnicity, which adds to the diverse tapestry of her personal heritage.

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s Nationality

Marie Holtzmann is a proud American, possessing both nationality and citizenship by birth. Raised in a suburban neighborhood in the United States, she grew up under the guidance of her mother, the renowned teacher and pastor Joyce Meyer. Marie identifies with white-American ethnicity, reflecting her family’s heritage.

Personal Life

In 1987, Laura’s life took a significant turn when she entered a new phase alongside Douglas Holtzmann Sr., marking the beginning of a partnership built on love, faith, and mutual respect. Their relationship symbolizes the enduring strength of commitment and togetherness.

Beyond being a devoted spouse, Laura Marie Holtzmann is also a nurturing mother to her beloved children. Doug Holtzmann II, Austin Taylor, Abigail Welch, and Emily Wood are the cornerstones of her life, embodying the values of love, faith, and familial unity.

While Laura’s involvement in Joyce Meyer Ministries places her in the public eye, she holds dear her privacy and cherishes moments spent with her loved ones. Her family serves as a refuge, providing comfort and resilience in times of adversity. Through her actions, she showcases the significance of family and unwavering dedication to one’s beliefs.

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s Family

As vice president of Joyce Meyer Ministries, Dave Meyer has been instrumental in spreading love and hope throughout the world. Along with his spouse Joyce, they have created a legacy based on service, compassion, and faith that has benefited many lives.

Joyce Meyer’s impact transcends conventional boundaries, resonating profoundly through her insightful teachings and unwavering faith. As a preacher, author, and visionary behind Joyce Meyer Ministries, she has empowered individuals worldwide to embrace love and forgiveness, leading to significant personal growth.

Within the Holtzmann family, Laura Marie isn’t the only one carrying forward their legacy of service.Daniel, David, and Sandra, her siblings, share the same commitment to leaving a lasting impression. Together, their diverse skills and interests combine to create a powerful force for good that restores hope and healing to their community.

Dave Meyer: Laura Marie Holtzmann’s Father

Dave Meyer, in his role as vice president of Joyce Meyer Ministries, has played a pivotal role in disseminating messages of love and hope on a global scale. Alongside his wife Joyce, they have established a legacy founded on faith, compassion, and service, positively influencing numerous lives.

Joyce Meyer’s impact transcends conventional boundaries, resonating profoundly through her insightful teachings and unwavering faith. As a preacher, author, and visionary behind Joyce Meyer Ministries, she has empowered individuals worldwide to embrace love and forgiveness, leading to significant personal growth.

Within the Holtzmann family, Laura Marie isn’t the only one carrying forward their legacy of service. Her siblings, Daniel, David, and Sandra, are equally dedicated to making a meaningful impact. Each brings their unique talents and passions to the table, collectively forming a formidable force for good and spreading hope and healing in their community.

Joyce Meyer: Laura Marie Holtzmann’s Mother

For those in the American Charismatic Christian community, Joyce Meyer resembles a beacon of guidance. She is the lifeblood of Joyce Meyer Ministries—not merely a speaker or writer. Since the beginning of her journey with faith at the age of nine, her message of hope has touched the lives of countless people.

Joyce took a risk in 1976 and launched her own ministry, which she named “Life in the Word.” She had a brief affiliation with the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod prior to that. However, her message quickly gained national traction thanks to radio broadcasts that ran from Chicago to Kansas City.

Then, in 1993, everything changed when her husband Dave suggested they take their message to television. That’s when her iconic show, “Enjoying Everyday Life,” was born. It started small, airing on stations like WGN-TV and BET, but soon it became a beacon of positivity for viewers everywhere.

However, Joyce is a fantastic writer in addition to being a preacher. Her skill was acknowledged in 2002 when the rights to a collection of her works were purchased for an astounding $10 million by Hachette Book Group. She is a true star in American Christianity because of her dynamic ministry, her commitment to sharing faith, and her ability to relate to people from all walks of life.

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s Brothers and Sisters

Laura Marie Holtzmann grew up surrounded by her siblings, two brothers, and a sister, within a close-knit family deeply involved in their mother’s ministries. One of her brothers, David L. Meyer, chose a path of faith, becoming a pastor and eventually rising to the position of CEO at Hand of Hope Outreach. Alongside his professional responsibilities, David navigates the joys and trials of marriage and parenthood, leaving his own mark on the family legacy.

Laura’s sister, Sandra Ellen McCollum, also heeded her mother’s calling, serving as a pastor at Living Word Church. Like their mother, Sandra shares her insights and wisdom through the written word, inspiring and touching the hearts and minds of many. On the other hand, the youngest brother, Daniel Meyer, embraced a life of faith, assuming the role of CEO of the U.S. Operations of Joyce Meyer Ministries.

Together, Laura and her siblings form a strong support system within their mother’s ministry, each contributing their unique talents and perspectives to enhance its growth and impact.

Joyce Meyer’s second marriage brought the blessing of her first child, Laura Marie Holtzmann

Today marks Laura Marie Holtzmann’s 55th birthday. She was born on April 5, 1968, in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, in the United States. She loves spending time with her grandchildren now that she is a grandma. Joyce Meyer, a well-known preacher, and Dave Meyer, a former US Army soldier, are Laura’s parents. Laura is an Aries, and she is of Caucasian ancestry. She holds the position of the eldest daughter among the four children born to Joyce and Dave.

Her parents tied the knot on January 7, 1967, and Laura came into the world a year later. Joyce Meyer’s second marriage, following an initial five-year marriage to a part-time salesman, led to a lasting partnership with Dave Meyer. The couple first met at a local bar frequented by Joyce and have celebrated more than five decades of marriage together.

Laura Marie Holtzmann works alongside her mother in their joint pursuits

Laura Marie Holtzmann grew up immersed in a Christian environment, attending high school in her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. Her educational path led her to a Christian college in California, where she developed her perspectives and values. In her youth, she was often described as having a calm demeanor and a tendency towards disorganization.

However, as an adult, Laura’s outlook has evolved. She now actively participates in her mother’s organization, contributing significantly to its coordination and activities. Primarily involved with the Hand of Hope branch of Joyce Meyer Ministries, Laura devotes her time and energy to the ministry’s impactful initiatives.

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s Height

Curious about Marie’s height? She’s about 5 feet 7 inches tall, which is pretty average. Her weight typically falls between 55 to 60 kilograms, maintaining a balanced physique. While further details about her body measurements are yet to be disclosed, it’s known that Laura has dark brown hair and captivating hazel eyes.

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s Salary

Marie Holtzmann is a recognizable presence on American television, known as the daughter of Joyce Meyer, a renowned Charismatic Christian figure. Establishing herself independently, Marie has carved out a reputation as a television personality. It’s estimated that her yearly income reaches approximately $100,000, underscoring her achievements in the field.

Financial Status

Laura Marie Holtzmann chooses to maintain privacy regarding her income and overall financial worth. In November 2003, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch published a four-part series detailing the opulence in Meyer’s life, which included possessions such as a corporate jet valued at $10 million, her husband’s $107,000 silver-grey Mercedes sedan, her $2 million primary residence, and additional properties collectively worth $2 million for her four children, among other extravagant expenses.

While Laura’s net worth remains undisclosed, she appears to be thriving in her pursuits. On a related note, as of 2023, Laura Marie Holtzmann’s mother, Joyce Meyer, is estimated to possess a net worth of $8 million.

Interviews and Public Engagements

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s interviews provide valuable insights into her beliefs, values, and life journey, offering a deeper understanding of her perspective. Whether through public appearances or speaking engagements, she shares glimpses of her role as an educator and evangelist. These moments of connection with her audience reflect the sincerity and authenticity that characterize the Meyer family’s approach to ministry.

In interviews and public forums, Laura Marie’s presence fosters a sense of connection with the Meyer family, forging meaningful relationships with individuals on their spiritual paths. Through these interactions, we gain insights into both the personal and collective narratives that shape the Meyer family’s distinctive journey.

Enduring Influence and Contributions

The Meyer family’s influence within the Christian community extends beyond personal achievements, emphasizing collaborative endeavors aimed at leaving a lasting impact. Laura Marie Holtzmann plays a significant part in this family narrative, contributing to their collective influence on Christian teachings and literature. Together, their concerted efforts resonate with audiences seeking spiritual guidance.

Their legacy is not solely about individual successes but highlights a collective dedication to faith and a profound impact on the lives touched by their teachings. Within this framework, Laura Marie’s role enriches the narrative, highlighting a family deeply committed to serving God and making a meaningful difference in the Christian community.


Laura Marie Holtzmann’s active involvement in the “Hands of Hope” division of Joyce Meyer’s Ministry highlights her compassionate nature and unwavering commitment to assisting those facing adversity. As the eldest daughter of Joyce and Dave Meyer, Laura enthusiastically participates in philanthropic efforts alongside her siblings. The broad reach of the “Hands of Hope” initiative, offering aid to individuals impacted by crises in regions like Asia and Africa, underscores Laura’s dedication to fostering positive change on a global level.

Although Laura treasures her privacy, her altruistic nature is evident in her active involvement in charitable causes. Aligned with “Hands of Trust,” she embodies the values of compassion and service instilled in her from a young age. Laura’s unwavering commitment to bettering the world showcases her readiness to aid those in need, irrespective of their location. Through her actions, she illustrates that even minor gestures of kindness can make a meaningful difference, serving as a beacon of inspiration for the transformative potential of compassion.

What is Laura Marie Holtzmann currently doing?

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s intentional decision to lead a private life away from public scrutiny reflects her preference for a more low-key lifestyle. While it’s reported that she resides in Fenton and Eureka, Missouri, detailed information about her current whereabouts remains limited.

Despite her inclination towards privacy, Laura remains steadfast in her dedication to charitable endeavors and ministry, which continue to shape her actions and choices.

Living in Fenton and Eureka, Missouri, Laura likely enjoys the tranquility and peaceful atmosphere of these areas. Here, she may prioritize aspects such as family, faith, and philanthropy while consciously avoiding the spotlight. Laura’s discreet lifestyle underscores her commitment to authenticity and adherence to her principles, serving as a model of humility and service to those around her.

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Final Words

Laura Marie Holtzmann, born on April 5, 1968, is recognized as the daughter of the renowned speaker Joyce Meyer and her husband, Dave Meyer. Despite her significant involvement in her mother’s ministry, Laura, now 55, leads a private lifestyle. Growing up in a Christian household, she pursued her education at a Christian college in California. Laura actively engages in Joyce Meyer Ministries, particularly in the Hand of Hope branch, dedicated to global philanthropic endeavors. Married to Douglas Holtzmann Sr. since 1987, Laura is a devoted mother and grandmother. She exemplifies compassion and service, remaining faithful to her family’s mission while maintaining a modest public presence.

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