Who Is Miki Yim ? Early Life, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth & More

Miki Yim is a distinguished fashion designer renowned for her work with high-profile brands such as Chanel and Prada. She is also widely recognized as the spouse of Sung Kang, the acclaimed American actor celebrated for his role in the “Fast & Furious” franchise.

Born in South Korea in 1991, Miki Yim’s exact birthdate remains undisclosed. She holds Korean citizenship and has South Asian heritage. Her contributions to the fashion industry, coupled with her prominent personal connection to the entertainment world, highlight her multifaceted career and significant impact in both fields.

Miki Yim Wiki

Real NameMiki Yim
Birth PlaceSouth Korea
Age31 years
Height5 feet 6 inches (168 centimeters)
Weight55 Kilograms (121 pounds)
Shoe Size7
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
ProfessionFashion designer
Sexual OrientationStraight
Dress Size6
Current ResidenceKorea
EducationMeiji Gakuin University
NationalitySouth Korean and American
Famous for:Being the wife of Sung Kang
Marital StatusMarried (July 8, 2014.)
Ex-Husband/SpouseSung Kang
Net Worth$500k
HobbiesSwimming, Climbing Mountains

Who Is Miki Yim?

Miki Yim hails from South Korea and holds dual citizenship in South Korea and the United States. She is a devoted Christian and has garnered recognition for her exceptional skills in fashion design. Miki’s expertise in creating stylish and elegant clothing has significantly contributed to her reputation in the fashion industry.

Her dedication to her craft and her marriage to the well-known actor Sung Kang have both played a role in her public recognition. Despite her husband’s high profile, Miki prefers to maintain a low public profile, focusing on her passion for fashion. She is known for her keen eye for style and her commitment to her design projects, while also providing support to her husband’s career.

Miki Yim’s ability to blend her creativity with her personal values underscores her distinctive presence in both the fashion world and her supportive role as an individual behind the scenes.

Miki Yim Education

Miki Yim is known for her private nature and has chosen not to share specific details about her family background or educational journey. Despite her Asian heritage, she has kept her personal life relatively under the radar.

Miki completed her secondary education at a local high school and subsequently pursued higher education at Meiji Gakuin University. Her academic journey reflects her commitment to furthering her knowledge and skills, although she tends to keep the finer aspects of her personal history discreet.

Miki Yim Parents And Siblings

Miki Yim Parents And Siblings

Miki Yim’s parents, originally from South Korea, have always been immensely supportive of her aspirations. They have been a source of encouragement throughout her journey, inspiring her to pursue her dreams with passion. Miki also has siblings with whom she shares a deep bond, having grown up together and created many cherished memories.

Family plays a central role in Miki’s life. She values the time spent with her loved ones and enjoys celebrating her achievements with them. Even after relocating to the United States, Miki maintains a strong connection with her family in South Korea. They stay in frequent contact, and visits are a treasured part of their relationship.

Her family’s pride in her accomplishments is evident. They recognize the dedication and effort Miki has invested in her career as a fashion designer and continuously offer their support and encouragement. This familial backing has been a significant factor in her success, reflecting the strong foundation of love and support that she carries with her.

Miki Yim Physical Appearance

Miki Yim Physical Appearance

While Miki Yim keeps her exact age private, she is often noted for her youthful appearance and vibrant energy. She maintains an average height and a fit physique, complemented by her striking dark hair and expressive eyes. Her sense of style and elegance is consistently evident in her appearance.

Miki places a strong emphasis on self-care and wellness. Her commitment to a balanced diet and regular physical activity is central to her routine. She engages in activities such as walking and yoga, which contribute to her overall fitness and well-being. These practices not only help her stay in shape but also support her relaxation and mental clarity.

Though she may not be tall, Miki Yim possesses a remarkable presence. Her confident demeanor and refined sense of style make her stand out in any setting. Her natural beauty and charm ensure that she leaves a lasting impression wherever she goes.

Miki Yim’s Career

Miki Yim began her career in the fashion industry as a supervisor at Louis Vuitton in Hawaii. At Louis Vuitton, a prestigious luxury brand known for its high-end fashion items including ready-to-wear clothing, leather goods, shoes, watches, accessories, and more, Miki honed her skills in a high-stakes environment. The company, which operates in over 50 countries and reported revenues exceeding $9.4 billion in 2013, is renowned for its exquisite products and elite boutiques.

Following her role at Louis Vuitton, Miki progressed to a sales manager position, further expanding her expertise in luxury retail. Her career path also included roles at other prominent brands such as Celine Inc., La Perla, Chanel, and SEPHORA, showcasing her versatility in the fashion sector.

Her journey continued with a notable move to Prada, another leading Italian luxury fashion house established by Mario Prada. At Prada, Miki’s role as a general manager allowed her to oversee a diverse range of luxury items, from ready-to-wear clothing to travel accessories, leather handbags, and perfumes. Her time at Prada also provided opportunities for frequent travel between various company branches in the continental United States.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Miki Yim is also recognized for her marriage to Sung Kang, an acclaimed American actor known for his role in the “Fast & Furious” franchise. Sung Kang’s notable appearances in films and television shows, including the thriller drama “Code 8,” have brought further visibility to their family.

Miki Yim’s Husband

Miki Yim's Husband

Miki Yim and Sung Kang were married on July 8, 2014, after a relationship that spanned several years. At the time of their marriage, Sung Kang was not yet widely known, and Miki played a crucial role in supporting him as he navigated the challenges of building a career in the competitive entertainment industry.

The couple’s initial meeting took place at Koreatown Karaoke, where Sung Kang was performing the song “When Doves Cry.” During this encounter, Miki, known for her playful nature, joked about Sung’s singing, which sparked a connection between them. Their relationship quickly blossomed, leading to their engagement and subsequent wedding.

Their marriage was celebrated in an intimate ceremony, surrounded by their closest friends and family members. This private event highlighted their commitment to each other and marked the beginning of their journey together as a married couple.

Miki Yim Favourite Things

Favorite ActorSung Kang
Favorite AppNA
Favorite FoodNoodles
Favorite BeveragesCoke
Favorite ColorBlue
Favorite DestinationParis

Miki Yim Social Media Presence

Miki Yim is known for her preference for privacy and maintains a low profile on social media. She chooses to focus on her professional endeavors and cherish quality time with family and close friends, believing that meaningful real-life interactions hold greater value than online presence.

In contrast, her husband, Sung Kang, is more active on social media. He frequently shares updates about his career and occasionally posts about Miki, offering glimpses into their relationship through heartfelt pictures and anecdotes. His posts reflect his admiration and affection for Miki.

Despite her limited online presence, Miki Yim has earned widespread recognition and admiration for her work. Her talent in fashion design continues to captivate her audience, who eagerly anticipate her latest creations. Miki’s fans value her artistic contributions and respect her decision to keep her personal life private.

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Miki Yim Net Worth And Achievement

Miki Yim Net Worth And Achievement

Miki Yim’s financial details are not publicly disclosed, though it is evident that her successful career in fashion has resulted in significant earnings. She takes great pride in her accomplishments within the industry.

Her husband, Sung Kang, has an estimated net worth of approximately $8 million, largely attributed to his successful acting career. Together, they enjoy a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle. Miki’s notable success in fashion is marked by her creation of numerous exquisite garments and her esteemed reputation for impeccable style.

Miki is a firm believer in the value of hard work and pursuing one’s passions. She understands that achieving success requires dedication and a deep commitment to one’s craft. Miki is content with her accomplishments and is enthusiastic about continuing to innovate and produce stunning designs in the future.


1. What is Miki Yim known for?
Miki Yim is renowned for her career as a fashion designer. She has worked with prestigious brands such as Louis Vuitton and Prada, and is celebrated for her exceptional taste and design skills. She is also known for her private nature and her marriage to actor Sung Kang.

2. When did Miki Yim marry Sung Kang?
Miki Yim married Sung Kang on July 8, 2014. The couple had been in a relationship for several years prior to their marriage.

3. What was Miki Yim’s first job in the fashion industry?
Miki Yim began her career as a supervisor at Louis Vuitton in Hawaii. She later advanced to roles such as sales manager and general manager at Prada.

4. Does Miki Yim have a presence on social media?
Miki Yim prefers to keep her personal life private and does not engage much on social media. Instead, she focuses on her work and spending time with her family and friends.

5. What is Sung Kang’s estimated net worth?
Sung Kang’s net worth is approximately $8 million, thanks to his successful career in acting.

6. How does Miki Yim view success?
Miki Yim values hard work and dedication, believing that true success comes from passion and perseverance. She is proud of her achievements in fashion and looks forward to continuing her creative endeavors.


Miki Yim’s journey from a dedicated supervisor at Louis Vuitton to a prominent fashion designer at Prada highlights her exceptional talent and commitment to her craft. Despite her significant professional accomplishments, Miki values privacy and focuses on what truly matters to her—her work and her loved ones. Her marriage to actor Sung Kang complements her personal story, illustrating a partnership grounded in mutual support and respect. As she continues to create beautiful designs and contribute to the fashion industry, Miki remains a respected figure known for her elegance, dedication, and significant achievements.

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