Phyllis Minkoff: Maury Povich’s ex-wife, Wealth, Marriage, and Divorce

Phyllis Minkoff is a well-respected expert in the fields of communications and public relations who is acknowledged for her remarkable skills and accomplishments. Her fame was aided by her relationship with well-known TV host Maury Povich. Born in Washington, D.C. on February 15, 1941, she celebrated being 80 years old in 2021, a testament to her life lessons learned and knowledge.

Even after her divorce from Maury, Phyllis continued to be devoted to her family and her career, demonstrating her perseverance and determination. This article will examine a number of aspects of her life, such as her age, fortune, and family dynamics, providing readers with an insight into her fascinating personal and professional life.

Minkoff has demonstrated resiliency and determination by prioritising her job and family despite her breakup with Maury.Through an examination of her age, family dynamics, net worth, and other facets of her life, this article seeks to shed light on her complicated personality. By examining her life, we seek to provide light on both her professional and personal journey accomplishments.

Quick facts

Name: Phyllis Minkoff
Age83 years old
Ex-HusbandMaury Povic
ChildrenSusan Anne, Amy Joyce, Shoshana, Janice
Net Worth$1 Million
Hair ColourGrey

Who is Phyllis Minkoff?

As the former spouse of retired American television host and media celebrity Maury Povich, Phyllis Minkoff plays a prominent role in his story. She is notable for having paved her own route to become an accomplished public relations and communications expert. Susan Anne and Amy Joyce Povich, their two daughters, were born into their 1962–1979 marriage.

Phyllis may not have garnered the same attention as Maury, but there is no denying her influence on both his career and personal development. She was a loving mother to their girls and had a significant influence on the dynamics of their family both before and after their divorce. Without a question, Phyllis’s steadfast encouragement played a part in Maury’s success in the television business.

This article offers a glimpse into the captivating life of Phyllis Minkoff, exploring her early experiences, marital history, career milestones, familial bonds, and enduring legacy. From her roots in Washington, D.C., to her influential role in public relations, Phyllis’s narrative epitomizes resilience, determination, and steadfastness. Join us as we uncover the layers of Phyllis Minkoff’s journey and celebrate the remarkable woman she embodies.

Early Life and Background

Phyllis Minkoff was born on February 15, 1941, into a bustling neighbourhood in Washington, D.C. She grew raised in a loving environment, surrounded by her brother, Larry Minkoff, and parents, Ida and Hyman Joseph Minkoff. From a young age, Phyllis showed signs of a sharp mind, a diligent work ethic, and a kind heart—qualities that would shape her future aspirations.

Phyllis and her brother were raised by Hyman Joseph and Ida Minkoff, who instilled in them the values of hard work, determination, and integrity. A successful businessman named Hyman Joseph established Acme Liquors, a well-known establishment in their neighbourhood, and Ida gave Phyllis and Larry constant support, love, and direction, fostering their personal development.

Driven by a strong desire to learn and a dedication to quality, Phyllis enthusiastically and resolutely pursued her education. Her academic career was distinguished by noteworthy accomplishments and leadership positions, which provided a solid basis for her career aspirations. With a strong educational foundation, Phyllis was ready to make a significant contribution in her chosen sector and excitedly set off on her career path.


Phyllis Minkoff has devoted her professional life to the media, communication, and public relations domains, exhibiting a diverse skill set and an ardent desire to create a meaningful influence. She actively participates in political discourse outside of her work and is not afraid to voice her opinions. Her notable endorsement of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2017 showed her dedication to causes she supported. Phyllis has further demonstrated her involvement in politics by associating herself with a number of political personalities, such as Senators Bernie Sanders and Joe Kennedy III.

In addition, Phyllis is well-known for her charitable activities, which highlight her dedication to giving back to the community. Her kindness is shown to numerous American NGOs and animal shelters, where her efforts have positively impacted the lives of countless people.

Relationship with Maury Povich

After meeting rising television star Maury Povich, Phyllis Minkoff’s path took a dramatic turn. In 1962, their growing passion came to an end with marriage, which launched a loving, happy, and mutually admired relationship. Phyllis and Maury set out on a life adventure together, unwavering in their support of one another’s career and personal pursuits.

Their union brought forth two daughters, Susan Anne and Amy Joyce Povich, who became the heart of their family dynamic. Phyllis embraced motherhood with unwavering commitment, offering her children unwavering guidance and encouragement. Despite their best efforts to sustain their relationship, Phyllis and Maury eventually parted ways in 1979, handling their separation with grace and consideration for each other’s well-being.

Phyllis Minkoff’s Marriage to Phyllis Minkoff Ends in Divorce, Finds Love Again

After being together for 17 years, Minkoff and Povich ultimately decided to call it quits on their marriage, completing their divorce in 1979. Both Phyllis and Maury started new chapters in their lives after their separation. Maury fell in love again, this time with Constance Yu-Hwa Chung, better known as Connie Chung, a television news anchor and well-known journalist.

Maury Povich and Connie Chung exchanged vows on December 2, 1984, and their family expanded with the adoption of a son named Matthew Jay Povich. Meanwhile, Phyllis found companionship in Philip Baskin, an esteemed lawyer and councilman. Together, Phyllis and Philip settled in Pittsburgh, where they raised their two daughters, Shoshana Nudel and Janice Gondelman.

Phyllis and Philip’s marriage was tragically interrupted when Philip died in 2005 from complications related to Alzheimer’s illness. After Philip passed away, Phyllis decided not to get married again, appreciating the times she had with him and putting her family and interests first.

Life After Divorce

After her divorce, Phyllis Minkoff started a successful career in public relations, using her remarkable communication skills and strategic acumen to succeed in the media and communications industry. She received considerable recognition and respect from her peers for her commitment to professionalism and pursuit of greatness.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Phyllis emerged as a vocal advocate for various social justice causes, utilizing her influence to champion political campaigns and empower marginalized communities. Her unwavering resilience and commitment to effecting positive change remained steadfast, guiding her through the complexities of life post-divorce and propelling her towards new avenues of growth and impact.

Phyllis Minkoff’s Journey with Philip Baskin Begins

After parting ways with Maury Povich, Phyllis Minkoff discovered a new chapter of love alongside Phillip Baskin, a distinguished attorney and councilman based in Pittsburgh. Their union in 1980 marked the beginning of a fresh family journey characterized by mutual respect and shared values. Welcoming two more children, Shoshana Nudel and Janice Gondelman, into her life, Phyllis embraced motherhood with unwavering devotion and care.

Throughout life’s trials, including Phillip’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease, Phyllis remained a steadfast pillar of support and empathy. Despite the challenges they faced, their bond persevered, fostering a nurturing and stable environment for their growing family.

Children Phyllis Minkoff’s

Phyllis Minkoff and Maury Povich welcomed two daughters into their family: Susan Anne Povich and Amy Joyce Povich. Susan pursued her higher education at both the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and Harvard University. She has since established herself as a versatile professional, excelling as a businesswoman, chef, and former lawyer. Alongside her husband Ralph Gorham, she co-founded the esteemed Red Hook Lobster Pound.

Amy Povich embarked on her academic journey at Connecticut College before furthering her studies at Yale University. She has garnered acclaim for her talents as an actress, gracing the screens in various films and television series such as “Live Shot,” “New York Undercover,” “Law & Order,” “Sex and the City,” “Labor Pains,” “Without a Trace,” “Miss Match,” “Transamerica,” “An American Carol,” and “Above All Things.” Amy is happily married to physician David Agus.

The celebrity lifestyle of

Living in proximity to a prominent television personality like Maury Povich brought an element of excitement to Phyllis Minkoff’s life. Picture attending glamorous parties where everyone clamors for a snapshot! Additionally, she had the opportunity to interact with other notable figures and visit destinations that many can only dream of.

However, Phyllis’s life wasn’t solely about glitzy events and red carpets. She dedicated herself diligently to her profession, ensuring that individuals and businesses presented themselves in the best light to the public. Beyond the spotlight, Phyllis’s days were filled with rewarding work and encounters with diverse individuals.

Where Is Phyllis Minkoff Now?

After getting divorced from Maury Povich, Phyllis Minkoff, his ex-wife, has led a quiet life. According to reports, she still resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and prefers a quiet life away from the spotlight. She has not published any information on her recent endeavours, thus it is unclear what she is currently up to.

Phyllis Minkoff is believed to be living as of 2023; there have been no reports to the contrary. Since there have been no signs of any health issues or struggles, it can be assumed that she is in good health and living a normal life.

Legacy and Impact

Phyllis Minkoff has a lasting impact on her family and community in addition to her professional pursuits. Numerous others have been inspired to strive for greatness and make constructive contributions to the world by her unwavering commitment to honesty, empathy, and excellence. As a loving wife, mother, and friend, Phyllis has left a lasting legacy of kindness, love, and generosity on the lives of those who were lucky enough to come into contact with her.
Phyllis Minkoff has made revolutionary contributions to the field of public relations, changing the dynamics of participation and communication. Her creative thinking, inventive tactics, and persistent commitment to quality have raised the bar for professionalism and ethics, winning her the respect and admiration of both peers and clients. Future generations of communicators will be empowered and inspired by Phyllis’s lasting influence on the field, which will continue to shape how we interact with the outside world.

The great impact a single individual can have on their environment is brought home to us as we reflect on Phyllis Minkoff’s life and achievements. Phyllis has left a profound impression on the hearts and minds of everyone she has come into contact with through her unshakable devotion to her loved ones, her love for her work, and her commitment to encouraging good change. Her example illuminates the way and inspires us to face life with bravery, compassion, and unflinching determination.

Future Plans

Phyllis Minkoff has experienced numerous days filled with diverse experiences. Her expertise lies in enhancing the image of individuals and businesses. What lies ahead for her remains uncertain. She might continue assisting others in presenting themselves positively or unveil unexpected ventures.

Alternatively, she might opt to indulge in leisure activities and unwind. While we contemplate our next move, Phyllis could be pondering her next exciting endeavor. The key is for her to maintain happiness and pursue her passions.

Net worth

Phyllis Minkoff’s net worth is comparable to amassing a treasure trove of toys with your saved-up allowance, but on a much grander scale. Picture saving every penny from birthdays, holidays, and completing chores, eventually amassing enough to purchase an entire toy store. Phyllis’s proficiency in public relations and communications has enabled her to accumulate substantial wealth.

While the exact figure remains undisclosed, envision it as a colossal piggy bank too weighty to shake. This wealth is the result of her diligent work ethic and exceptional performance in her profession, akin to receiving an additional allowance for a job well done.


When we reflect on Phyllis Minkoff’s life, we witness a narrative of tenacity, willpower, and tenderness. From her humble beginnings to her prosperous career, Phyllis has had a profound influence on everyone in her path. Her journey, filled with triumphs both in her personal and professional life, is an inspiration to all of us.

As we say goodbye to Phyllis Minkoff’s incredible journey, let’s remember her as someone who showed bravery, kindness, and never gave up. Her dedication to her family, her love for her work, and her desire to make the world a better place will continue to motivate us for years to come.

In celebrating Phyllis Minkoff’s lasting impact, let’s strive to follow her example by facing life with courage, compassion, and determination. By keeping her spirit of generosity, love, and understanding alive, we honor her memory and ensure that her legacy lives on.