Sabine Glenn: Biography, Family, Career, Personal Life & More 

Sabine Glenn is more than just the wife of AEW legend Sting; she has carved out her own path, making a name for herself as a certified professional trainer while choosing to live a life largely away from the public spotlight. This article aims to delve into Sabine’s life, shedding light on her personal journey, career, and the distinctive role she plays alongside Sting, offering a comprehensive view that respects her privacy and highlights her unique identity.

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Through this exploration, we will provide readers with an insightful look at Sabine Glenn’s background, her professional milestones, and her experiences in her private and public life with Sting. Our intention is to honor her individual achievements and share her story while acknowledging the limited public information available, ensuring a respectful approach to understanding the dynamics of their relationship and Sabine’s personal accomplishments.

Sabine Glenn Biography

Full Name Sabine Glenn
Date of Birth 1960s
Birth Place United States of America
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Eye Color Brown
Hair ColorBlonde
Sexuality Straight
Marital Status Married
Husband Name Steve Borden (Sting)
Marriage Date 2015
Children Name Garrett Lee Borden, Steve Jr. Borden, Gracie Borden, and their two biological sisters
Source of Wealth Former Professional Trainer
Last Update March 2024

Who Is Sting’s Wife?

Who Is Sting’s Wife?

Sabine Glenn is known for her connection to the famed musician Sting, yet she shines brightly in her own right. Before becoming part of Sting’s world, Sabine built a career as a certified professional trainer, showcasing her commitment to physical fitness and well-being. Her professional background reflects her dedication to health, vitality, and the principles of a balanced lifestyle.

In addition to her professional achievements, Sabine is a mother to two daughters from a previous relationship, which adds a profound dimension to her life. Her journey into motherhood highlights her nurturing nature and ability to juggle various roles with grace and resilience.

Despite being associated with a global music icon, Sabine opts for a private life, choosing to stay away from social media and the public eye. This conscious choice emphasizes her preference for privacy and focus on meaningful personal relationships over public recognition. Sabine’s life philosophy prioritizes genuine connections and authentic experiences over the allure of fame.

Though she does not seek the spotlight, Sabine’s presence significantly enhances the richness of her family life with Sting. Together, they navigate the intricacies of love, partnership, and parenting, fostering a harmonious and fulfilling life. Sabine’s story—from her professional endeavors in fitness to her role as a dedicated mother and partner—illustrates her strength, resilience, and unwavering commitment to living authentically and on her own terms.

How long Have Sting And Sabine Glenn Been Married?

How long Have Sting And Sabine Glenn Been Married?

In 2015, Sting experienced significant developments both personally and professionally. He celebrated a major personal milestone by marrying Sabine Glenn, a momentous event that marked a new chapter in his life. Professionally, Sting made a notable impact in the wrestling arena, engaging in two headline matches in WWE. His bouts against Triple H at WrestleMania and Seth Rollins at Night of Champions highlighted his enduring prowess and charisma in the ring, reaffirming his legendary status in the wrestling world.

Early Life And Background

Sabine Glenn’s roots trace back to Omaha, Nebraska, where she presumably spent her formative years. While specific details about her family background remain limited, her upbringing in this Midwestern city likely played a significant role in shaping her character and life decisions. Any available insights into her parents and siblings suggest a supportive and nurturing environment that influenced her journey.

Though concrete information about her educational background is not extensively documented, it can be inferred from her career as a certified professional trainer that Sabine was dedicated to fitness and wellness from an early age. Her commitment to physical health hints at early interests and a disciplined approach to personal development, reflecting a lifelong passion for maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Sabine Glenn’s Age

Born in the 1960s, Sabine Glenn is approaching her late 50s as of 2024. Her age, however, is merely a facet of her identity, rather than a defining characteristic. This stage of her life highlights her maturity and the profound wisdom she brings to both her professional endeavors and personal relationships.

Sabine exemplifies that age is but a number, enhancing her role as a partner to Sting and adding depth to her presence in the public eye. Her experience enriches her contributions, underscoring that her insights and achievements transcend mere chronology, reflecting a life marked by resilience and personal growth.

Sabine Glenn Nationality And Ethnicity

Sabine Glenn, the second wife of the renowned wrestler Sting, is an American national. She has a permanent residency in the United States and identifies with a white ethnic background. Sabine follows the Christian faith and is heterosexual.

Noted for her striking appearance, Sabine has captivating brown eyes and blonde hair, features that contribute to her distinctive and elegant look.

Who Are Sabine Glenn Parents?

Sabine Glenn was born to Frank and Helen Wasicki. Shortly after her birth, her family relocated to Poland to begin anew. While information about Sabine’s early years remains sparse, it is known that she grew up with three sisters—Regina, Pauline, and Alfreda—and a brother named Raymond. Despite the limited public details about her childhood, her family background provides a glimpse into her early life and the close-knit familial bonds that may have influenced her upbringing.

Does Sabine Glenn Have Children?

Sabine Glenn, the wife of Sting, is a mother to two daughters from a previous relationship, although she has chosen to keep details about her past private. Her ex-husband’s identity and her daughters’ names remain undisclosed. Currently married to Steve Borden, known as Sting, the couple has enjoyed a long-standing relationship.

Despite their enduring union, Steve and Sabine have not made plans for expanding their family through childbirth. They have shared over eight years of wedded bliss, prioritizing their existing bonds and commitments.

Sting, previously married to Sue Borden, is the father of Garrett Lee Borden, Steve Jr. Borden, and Gracie Borden. Although Sting and Sue ended their marriage in 2010 after 24 years together, they continue to co-parent their children.

It’s possible that Sabine and Sting have chosen to focus on nurturing their existing family, providing love, care, and support to their children from previous relationships. Any updates regarding their family plans will be shared as they become available in the future.

Sabine Glenn’s Professional Life

Sabine Glenn’s Professional Life

Sabine Glenn’s path to becoming a certified professional trainer reflects her dedication and commitment to physical fitness and well-being. Achieving certification in this field signifies not only her expertise but also the perseverance required to attain such a status. The rigorous training and education involved in obtaining certification underscore Sabine’s determination and passion for promoting health and vitality.

Transitioning from her career as a certified professional trainer to the role of a homemaker signifies a significant shift in Sabine’s focus and priorities. While the reasons behind this decision may vary, it likely reflects her deep-rooted values and the importance she places on family life and privacy. Sabine’s choice to prioritize her role within the home underscores her dedication to fostering a nurturing and supportive environment for her family.

In her role as Sting’s partner, Sabine serves as a steadfast source of support, standing by him through the highs and lows of his wrestling career. While specific details about her involvement may remain private, her presence undoubtedly plays a crucial role in Sting’s life and career trajectory. Their shared commitment to privacy underscores the depth of their bond and mutual respect for each other’s personal and professional endeavors.

The dynamics of Sabine and Sting’s blended family highlight their commitment to fostering a strong and cohesive unit. While details about their parenting approach may be limited, their shared values and dedication to their children from previous relationships are evident. Despite the absence of detailed public information, their bond as a family remains a testament to their enduring love and commitment to each other.

Who Was Sting’s First Wife?

Before finding companionship with Sabine Glenn, Sting’s journey through marriage led him to Sue Borden in the 1980s. Their union faced its share of trials, particularly as Sting battled addiction to painkillers, posing significant obstacles for both partners. Throughout this tumultuous period, Sue remained a steadfast presence by Sting’s side, offering unwavering support and care for him and their children. Her resolute faith and value system provided a pillar of strength and constancy amidst the stormy seas of their marriage.

As time progressed, the strains on their relationship became increasingly burdensome. Despite Sue’s enduring support and Sting’s earnest efforts to overcome his addiction, the rifts in their marriage grew insurmountable. In 2010, Sting and Sue made the heart-wrenching decision to go their separate ways, bringing an end to their decades-long partnership. Despite their parting, the bond forged through shared experiences endured, serving as a testament to the enduring resilience of their connection. Through the peaks and valleys of their shared journey, Sting and Sue’s path together left an indelible imprint on both their lives, shaping them into the individuals they would evolve into in the chapters that followed.

Sabine Glenn Net Worth 

Estimating the net worth of Sabine Glenn and Sting proves challenging due to their deliberate efforts to maintain privacy regarding their personal lives. Despite this, their successful careers and astute financial management likely contribute to a comfortable financial standing.

Sabine Glenn, with her background as a certified professional trainer, and Sting, renowned in the wrestling world, have likely amassed considerable wealth over the years. However, without access to detailed financial information, determining their precise net worth remains speculative.

Beyond their financial achievements, Sabine and Sting’s potential involvement in philanthropic endeavors and personal interests adds further layers of complexity. While public details may be scant, it’s reasonable to assume that their desire for privacy extends to their charitable contributions and individual pursuits outside the public eye.

Despite the challenges of quantifying their net worth and uncovering their philanthropic efforts, Sabine Glenn and Sting’s impact on society and personal endeavors likely extend far beyond the public’s gaze, leaving a lasting legacy in their wake.

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Quick Facts

  • Sting’s WWE debut in 2015 sparked global excitement among wrestling fans.
  • His match against Triple H at WrestleMania 31 showcased his enduring athleticism and showmanship.
  • The bout with Seth Rollins at Night of Champions added another memorable chapter to Sting’s career, highlighting his resilience and passion for wrestling.
  • Despite his legendary status, Sting’s decision to compete in WWE matches in 2015 surprised and thrilled fans.
  • Sting’s marriage to Sabine Glenn added a personal touch to his eventful year in professional wrestling.


In the year 2015, Sting experienced pivotal moments both personally and professionally. His union with Sabine Glenn symbolized a profound chapter in his personal journey, while his engagements in WWE matches illuminated his timeless prowess and charm within the wrestling sphere. Amidst the ebbs and flows, Sting’s enduring legacy serves as a beacon of inspiration for fans and peers alike, etching an unforgettable imprint on the landscape of professional wrestling.

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