Safety & Maintenance Tips for Luxury Car Rental in Dubai 

Experiencing the best of luxury and opulence is a must when visiting Dubai. What better way to do so than driving your way in a stylish high performance car? Luxury car rental Dubai is a sought after choice of many due to its easy availability and variety of choices. However, renting a luxury car also comes with the responsibility of maintaining it the right way. Read on this article to know more.    

Ways & Means to Maintain a Luxury Car Rental in Dubai

Maintaining the condition of the cars during the rental period is the sole  responsibility of the customers. In terms of luxury cars, this sense of responsibility somewhat increases as their overall value is also more than economy cars. Some of ways to take good care of luxury car rentals in Dubai are as follows:   

Pre-Rental Inspection

The first step towards luxury car rental Dubai is having a close inspection at the time of delivery. Once the car is handed over to you at your desired location, do not forget to check all the functions and features carefully. Look for existing scratches or dents if any. If you come across any damages or abnormalities, bring it to the notice of the delivery agent. Prior inspection leaves no room for confusion that may arise when you return the car. It also gives you an idea regarding the overall condition of the car.  

Adherence to Safe Driving Techniques

Safe driving practices considerably decrease the chances of collision or accidents. Renting a luxury car costs much more than a regular economy car hence taking extra care of it is your responsibility. The best way to maintain your rental car in Dubai is to refrain from rash driving that may damage the car or cause harm to you and your fellow passengers. In case of serious damage, you may have to bear the expenses of repair if the costs are included in the car insurance. 

Treat the Car Like Your Own

When you rent Rolls Royce in Dubai or any other luxury car, you must take care of it wholeheartedly. It is an important etiquette that all car rental customers must follow. This includes keeping the car clean, checking tyre pressure, using the right fuel type, and also keeping an eye on fluid levels like oil and coolant among other things. Maintaining the cleanliness and internal condition of a luxury car prevents unexpected issues that may hamper its performance. 

Be Prepared for Emergencies 

Emergencies on the road may come up unexpectedly. Even if you are careful you may fall prey to your fellow car’s negligence. Hence, being prepared for all types of situations while driving in Dubai is necessary. This includes keeping a first aid box and other safety equipment, spare tyres, essential toolkit, jack, etc. Do also collect the contact numbers of the nearest police station, hospital, customer care number of your car rental company, etc. 

By following the above mentioned safety tips you can maintain you and your luxury car’s safety successfully. To access the top notch car rental services in Dubai check out OneClickDrive, your one stop shop for rental cars of varied categories and price ranges.