Who Is Svetozar Marinkovic? Know All About Robin Givens’ Ex-husband

Svetozar Marinkovic gained attention due to his brief marriage to Robin Givens, the former wife of boxing legend Mike Tyson. Their union famously lasted just seven minutes, marking it as one of the shortest marriages on record. Despite briefly basking in the limelight through this association, Marinkovic has found success in a different arena as a skilled tennis instructor.

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While his fleeting marriage to Givens thrust him into public scrutiny, Svetozar Marinkovic has since maintained a low profile. His current endeavors and activities reflect his commitment to his career as a tennis instructor, away from the glare of media attention that once surrounded his brief marriage.

Svetozar Marinkovic Wiki Profile

Full Name:Svetozar Marinkovic
Date of Birth:Not Revealed
Place of Birth:United States
Occupation:Internet Personality
Net Worth:$200,000
Wife/Spouse:Robin Givens (ex)

Early Years of Svetozar Marinkovic

Svetozar Marinkovic was born on November 27, 1964, in the former Yugoslavia, where his formative years were deeply influenced by the socio-political landscape undergoing significant changes. Growing up in Southeast Europe during this transformative period, Marinkovic’s ethnic background and national identity were integral to his upbringing. His early experiences instilled in him resilience and adaptability, qualities that would prove essential in his later pursuits. Marinkovic developed a strong affinity for his cultural heritage and a keen interest in sports, notably tennis, during his youth in Yugoslavia.

Age of Svetozar Marinkovic

Age of Svetozar Marinkovic

The exact age of Svetozar Marinkovic remains undisclosed, as he has not publicly shared information about his birth date or birthplace. Originally hailing from Yugoslavia, a region in Southeastern and Central Europe that later dissolved into six republics, Marinkovic has maintained privacy regarding specific details of his early life and upbringing.

While his origins point to Yugoslavian ethnicity, Marinkovic has chosen not to divulge further details about his family, including background, parents, siblings, and their occupations. This intentional privacy suggests his preference to keep personal matters out of the public eye, despite brief moments of celebrity status linked to his past.

Svetozar Marinkovic’s Career in Tennis

Early Beginnings in Tennis 

Svetozar Marinkovic embarked on his professional journey in the realm of tennis in his native region, swiftly establishing himself as a respected tennis instructor. His early career was dedicated to refining his skills and imparting his expertise to aspiring tennis enthusiasts. Marinkovic played a pivotal role in upholding the legacy of Yugoslavian tennis, making significant contributions to the sport within his homeland. His commitment and proficiency earned him recognition as a distinguished tennis coach known for nurturing talent.

Leadership and Coaching Endeavors 

Marinkovic’s influence transcended the tennis court as he assumed prominent leadership positions, notably as the captain of the Yugoslav Davis Cup team. This role underscored his prominence in the national tennis community and highlighted his strategic acumen in the sport. Under his guidance, the team achieved notable victories, solidifying his stature as a key figure in Yugoslavian tennis.

Beyond his domestic commitments, Marinkovic also ventured into international coaching roles, impacting top-tier players across the global tennis circuit. His professional achievements underscored his deep knowledge and skill in tennis, reflecting his enduring dedication to the sport.

Contribution to Yugoslavian Tennis 

Marinkovic’s tenure in tennis not only showcased his individual prowess but also underscored the rich sporting heritage of Yugoslavia. Despite the challenges associated with the region’s turbulent history, Marinkovic’s career exemplified his steadfast devotion to tennis. His contributions left an indelible mark on the country’s sports landscape, shaping the careers of aspiring athletes and perpetuating the legacy of Yugoslavian tennis excellence.

Svetozar Marinkovic Personal Life

Svetozar Marinkovic Personal Life

Svetozar Marinković’s Marriage with Robin Givens

Date of Marriage1997
DurationThe marriage was very brief; they separated the same day they married. The divorce was finalized in 1998.
ChildrenNo children were born from this marriage.
Notable AspectsThis marriage is particularly noted for its extremely short duration. Robin Givens was already a notable actress at the time, primarily known for her role in the sitcom “Head of the Class” and her tumultuous marriage to boxer Mike Tyson.

Personal Life and Relationship with Robin Givens

Exploring the personal life of Svetozar Marinkovic unveils his notable marital relationship with actress Robin Givens, which shaped both his private life and public image. This section delves into the details of their union, family dynamics, and Marinkovic’s life following their separation.

Marriage to Robin Givens 

Svetozar Marinkovic’s relationship with Robin Givens drew considerable attention due to her status as a prominent actress. Their romance culminated in marriage on August 22, 1997, capturing the spotlight with media coverage. Despite the initial fanfare surrounding their union, their marriage ended abruptly just a few months later, leading to a highly publicized separation in October of the same year.

Robin Givens, known for her roles in television and her previous marriage to boxer Mike Tyson, brought additional media scrutiny to their relationship. The contrast between Marinkovic’s private demeanor and Givens’ public persona added an intriguing dimension to their brief time together.

Family Dynamics 

During their short-lived marriage, Marinkovic and Givens did not have children together. This absence of shared parental responsibilities meant their post-separation interactions focused primarily on legal aspects and personal adjustments. Their dynamic was overshadowed by Givens’ prior publicized marriage and subsequent divorce, which intensified media interest in their relationship.

Life Post-Separation 

Following his divorce from Robin Givens, Svetozar Marinkovic chose to step away from the public eye, opting for a more private lifestyle. Unlike Givens, who continued to pursue acting and maintained a visible presence in the entertainment industry, Marinkovic redirected his focus to his career as a tennis coach.

In the aftermath of their separation, Marinkovic dedicated himself to advancing his coaching career, leveraging his extensive experience to nurture emerging talents in tennis. His decision to maintain a low profile allowed him to prioritize his passion for tennis without the distractions of public attention.

While Robin Givens resumed her public life, engaging in acting projects and public appearances, Svetozar Marinkovic’s post-divorce journey remained largely private. This deliberate choice underscored his preference for a quieter existence away from the limelight, distinct from the more high-profile aspects of his former spouse’s career.

Marinkovic’s Rise to Public Attention Through Marriage to Robin Givens

Robin Givens and Svetozar Marinkovic crossed paths in the mid-1990s, with some accounts suggesting their initial meeting in 1996. Their relationship blossomed over a year, culminating in a decision to commit to each other for life.

The media painted Marinkovic as a supportive figure who brought a sense of calm into Givens’ life following her high-profile divorce from Mike Tyson in the late 1980s. Their impending marriage captured public fascination, seen as a hopeful union after Givens’ tumultuous past relationship.

On August 22, 1997, Robin Givens and Svetozar Marinkovic exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony at San Diego’s Hotel Del Coronado. Their decision to marry was considered well-timed, coming after a year of courtship that balanced the public eye’s interest with their personal commitment.

Marinkovic, a tennis coach by profession, garnered positive attention from the media, contrasting his gentler demeanor with Tyson’s boxing career. Despite the initial optimism surrounding their union, which Marinkovic’s profession symbolized as a softer counterpart to Tyson’s, their marriage did not endure as long as Givens’ previous relationship.

Svetozar Marinkovic and Robin Givens’ Brief Marriage

Following their wedding, hopes were high for a lasting union, but reality unfolded differently. Just 7 minutes after exchanging vows, the couple decided to part ways and initiated legal proceedings to annul their marriage. By December 1997, Robin filed for divorce, which was finalized by September 1998, officially ending their brief union.

The reasons behind their swift separation and subsequent divorce have remained undisclosed over the years. Robin’s decision to seek a divorce shortly after their wedding suggests that the marriage did not meet her expectations.

Despite the short duration of their marriage, there were no contentious legal battles between them. Without children to complicate matters, their divorce proceeded smoothly, finalized within 10 months of their separation.

Connections with Public Figures

Svetozar Marinkovic came into public view primarily due to his relationship with Robin Givens, a prominent American actress and model. Their marriage in 1997 attracted considerable attention, given Givens’s celebrity status and her previous marriage to Mike Tyson. While Marinkovic himself has not actively sought the limelight or pursued media exposure, his association with Givens inevitably placed him in the orbit of other celebrities.

Marinkovic maintains a low profile on social media, keeping details about his personal life private. Nonetheless, public interest in Givens’s past relationships, including those with figures like Brad Pitt and Michael Jordan, has indirectly kept Marinkovic a topic of celebrity discourse. It’s important to clarify that Marinkovic’s connection to these celebrities is solely through his former marriage to Givens and does not extend beyond that context.

Specific information about Marinkovic’s personal life, including any interactions he may have had with public figures such as Murphy Jensen, a professional tennis player, remains scant. His career as a tennis instructor and any professional relationships therein have largely remained outside public scrutiny and documentation.

Svetozar’s Single Status Since the Divorce

Svetozar's Single Status Since the Divorce

Svetozar has chosen to lead a solitary life since his divorce from Robin, opting for privacy over public scrutiny. There is no information available regarding his romantic life post-divorce, including whether he has pursued new relationships, remarried, started a family, or is currently dating.

In contrast, Robin Givens has maintained a visible presence in the media both before and after her marriage to Svetozar. She has adeptly managed her public persona, navigating the spotlight even during challenging moments, such as her contentious divorce from Mike Tyson, which led to tabloid labels like “gold digger,” and her famously short-lived marriage to Svetozar.

Robin Givens continues to attract attention and manage her public image, showcasing resilience amidst media scrutiny and maintaining a public profile despite the ups and downs of her personal life.

Svetozar Marinkovic’s Financial Status

Svetozar Marinkovic, recognized as a notable figure in the realm of American internet personalities, has built a strong online presence through his captivating content creation. Known for his blend of humor, creativity, and relatability, he has amassed a significant following across various social media platforms. His ability to engage with audiences through a diverse array of content, ranging from vlogs to comedic sketches, has been pivotal to his popularity.

Marinkovic’s success online can be credited to his consistent delivery of high-quality content and his adeptness at exploring trending topics and cultural phenomena. His genuine charisma and authenticity resonate deeply with his followers, establishing his social media channels as a favored source of entertainment and inspiration.

Beyond his digital ventures, Svetozar has diversified his income streams, contributing to an estimated net worth of approximately $200,000. This valuation reflects earnings from multiple sources, including sponsored content, endorsements from brands, merchandise sales, and potentially revenue generated from platforms such as YouTube or Twitch. Collaborations with fellow influencers and brands have further bolstered his financial profile.

Svetozar Marinkovic’s journey underscores the transformative power of digital platforms in forging successful careers. His narrative exemplifies the myriad opportunities available in today’s digital age for individuals capable of harnessing their talents and connecting authentically with a broad audience. With his ongoing influence and innovative approach to content creation, Marinkovic is poised to expand his brand further, potentially increasing his net worth in the process.


Q. Who is Svetozar Marinkovic? 

Svetozar Marinkovic is an American internet personality and a former tennis instructor. He gained fame as the ex-husband of actress Robin Givens. Marinkovic is known for his engaging online content and has an estimated net worth of $200,000.

Q. What is Svetozar Marinkovic’s net worth? 

Svetozar Marinkovic has an estimated net worth of $200,000. His income is derived from his activities as an internet personality, including content creation, brand endorsements, and possibly earnings from platforms like YouTube or Twitch.

Q. How long were Svetozar Marinkovic and Robin Givens married? 

Svetozar Marinkovic and Robin Givens were married for only 7 minutes. Their marriage is considered one of the shortest in history, ending the same day it began.

Q. What is Svetozar Marinkovic’s professional background? 

Marinkovic started his career as a tennis instructor, gaining recognition as a coach and serving as the captain of the Yugoslav Davis Cup team. He later transitioned into being an internet personality.

Q. Where is Svetozar Marinkovic from? 

Svetozar Marinkovic was born in the former Yugoslavia. His exact birthplace and date of birth have not been revealed.

Q. Has Svetozar Marinkovic remarried? 

There is no public information indicating that Svetozar Marinkovic has remarried since his brief marriage to Robin Givens.

Q. What is Svetozar Marinkovic doing now? 

Svetozar Marinkovic continues to engage in content creation as an internet personality. He maintains a relatively low public profile outside of his online activities.


Svetozar Marinkovic is a versatile individual whose notable but brief marriage to Robin Givens thrust him into the public eye. Originally hailing from the former Yugoslavia, Marinkovic established himself as a respected tennis instructor and coach, making significant contributions to the sport in his homeland. His leadership as captain of the Yugoslav Davis Cup team further enhanced his standing within the tennis community.

While Marinkovic’s professional achievements are noteworthy, he gained widespread attention primarily for his remarkably short-lived marriage to actress Robin Givens, which famously lasted a mere 7 minutes—an event that captured substantial media interest. This contrasted starkly with Givens’s longer and more tumultuous relationship with boxer Mike Tyson.

Following his divorce from Givens, Marinkovic opted for a quieter existence, focusing on advancing his career and personal interests. He successfully transitioned into the realm of internet personality, utilizing his charisma and creativity to cultivate a sizable online following. With an estimated net worth of $200,000, Marinkovic has diversified his income streams, including through sponsored content and endorsements from brands.

Marinkovic’s journey embodies resilience and adaptability, demonstrating his ability to navigate public scrutiny while achieving success in both sports and digital media. His story highlights the potential for reinvention and the opportunities available in the digital era for those capable of effectively engaging with their audience. As Marinkovic continues to expand his online presence, his influence and financial stability are poised to grow further, solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the realm of internet personalities.

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