Who Is Thavana Monalisa Fatu?Know All About Rikishi’s Daughter?

Thavana Monalisa Fatu

Thavana Monalisa Fatu, born into the esteemed Fatu wrestling family, has chosen a unique path, diverging from her family’s wrestling tradition. Raised in San Francisco, California, Thavana comes from a lineage renowned in the professional wrestling world. Her father, Solofa A. Fatu Jr., widely known as Rikishi, is a revered figure in wrestling.

As the only daughter in her family, Thavana embraces her rich heritage while forging her own identity. Despite her wrestling lineage, she pursued a career in modeling, showcasing her distinct beauty and grace.

Thavana, affectionately known as “Vana,” was raised by her dedicated grandparents, Vera and Solofa Fatu. As the eldest of five siblings, she holds a special place in the hearts of her family and admirers.

Now residing in the picturesque Los Angeles Bay Area, Thavana cherishes her time with loved ones, continuing to captivate with her elegance and individuality.

Who Is Thavana Monalisa Fatu?

Thavana Monalisa Fatu, born on June 29, 1983, in San Francisco, California, is the eldest child of wrestling icon Solofa Fatu Jr., widely known as Rikishi, and Talisua Fuavai-Fatu. She is a multifaceted individual, excelling in modeling, acting, song composing, and fashion design.

Thavana Monalisa Fatu

As the only daughter among her siblings, Thavana holds a unique place in her family. Her upbringing was primarily in Sacramento, California, where she was raised by her grandparents, Vera and Solofa Fatu, due to her father’s demanding career in wrestling.

Thavana Monalisa Fatu’s Wiki

Full NameThavana Monalisa Fatu
Famous asRikishi’s Daughter
Date Of BirthJune 29th, 1983
Zodiac SignCancer
Place Of BirthSacramento, California, USA
ParentSolofa Fatu Jr.
GrandparentsVera Fatu, Solofa Fatu
SiblingsJimmy Uso, Jey Uso
ProfessionFashion Designer/Song Composer/Model
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBrown
Net WorthNot Known

Thavana Monalisa Fatu’s Age

Born on June 29, 1983, Thavana Monalisa Fatu is 41 years old as of 2024.

Thavana Monalisa Fatu’s Early Life

Thavana Monalisa Fatu was born in San Francisco, California, USA, into a family with a rich wrestling heritage. Her father, Solofa A. Fatu Jr., better known as Rikishi, is a highly respected figure in professional wrestling.

As the only daughter in her family, Monalisa takes great pride in her unique background. Despite her wrestling roots, she decided to forge her own path in the modeling industry. Raised as the eldest of five siblings, Thavana was lovingly cared for by her grandparents, Vera and Solofa Fatu, who often called her “Vana.”

Now residing in the Los Angeles Bay Area, Thavana is deeply cherished by her family and is celebrated as Rikishi’s beloved and only daughter.

Educational Background of Thavana Monalisa Fatu

Thavana Monalisa Fatu began her education at a local elementary school before moving on to Escambia High School in Pensacola. After completing high school, she pursued further studies at the University of West Alabama. Throughout her academic journey, Thavana consistently excelled, demonstrating a strong commitment to her education.

Her dedication and perseverance set her apart from her peers, serving as an inspiration to others and aiding her in both academic and professional endeavors.

Thavana Monalisa Fatu’s Father

Thavana Monalisa Fatu's Father

Solofa A. Fatu Jr., widely known by his ring name Rikishi, is a celebrated figure in professional wrestling. Born on October 11, 1965, Rikishi left an indelible mark on the wrestling world with a career spanning over two decades.

Recognized for his unique blend of athleticism and charisma, Rikishi became a beloved figure among wrestling enthusiasts. He became particularly famous for his trademark move, the Stinkface, which involved smothering his opponents’ faces with his posterior.

Throughout his illustrious career, Rikishi achieved numerous championship titles and created memorable moments in WWE history. His Samoan heritage and remarkable skills cemented his legacy as a prominent figure in wrestling.

Beyond his achievements in the ring, Rikishi remains a revered mentor and influential personality in the wrestling community, continuing to inspire and entertain fans worldwide with his enduring contributions.

Thavana Monalisa Fatu’s Mother

Talisa Fuavai-Fatu, the wife of Solofa Fatu Jr., known professionally as Rikishi, shares a deeply cherished connection with her renowned spouse. Their union began on July 20, 1985, marking the start of their shared journey.

Talisa’s role as a homemaker is distinguished by her adept management of her family’s needs. Her strong sense of responsibility is evident in her meticulous care for her loved ones. Talisa embodies qualities of love and compassion, nurturing her family with unwavering devotion. She pays meticulous attention to detail, demonstrating a profound sensitivity in her familial duties. Talisa’s commitment and warmth greatly enrich their household, making her an indispensable presence in their lives.

Thavana Monalisa Fatu’s Siblings

Thavana Monalisa Fatu's Siblings

Thavana Monalisa Fatu has four younger siblings, two of whom are particularly well-known in the wrestling world as Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso. They are also known by their real names, Jonathan Fatu and Joshua Fatu, respectively. Born into the renowned Fatu wrestling family, Jimmy and Jey Uso have achieved significant success in their own right as professional wrestlers, often performing together as a tag team.

Additionally, Thavana Monalisa Fatu has two other younger siblings who maintain a lower profile compared to Jimmy and Jey Uso. The family’s bond is strengthened by their shared heritage and involvement in the wrestling industry, contributing to their collective legacy in sports and entertainment.

Thavana Monalisa Fatu’s Professional Path

Thavana Monalisa Fatu

Thavana Monalisa Fatu has pursued a diverse and dynamic career, showcasing her talents across multiple creative disciplines. She is prominently recognized for her contributions in the fields of modelling, song composition, and fashion design, distinguishing herself from her family’s storied wrestling legacy.

Modelling: Thavana ventured into the world of modelling, where her captivating presence and graceful demeanour garnered acclaim. She has participated in various high-profile modelling projects, collaborating with esteemed photographers and designers to showcase contemporary fashion trends.

Song Composition: In addition to her modelling pursuits, Thavana has established herself as a skilled songwriter. Her musical talents shine through in her compositions, where she passionately creates melodies and lyrics that resonate deeply with her audience.

Fashion Design: Thavana’s creative vision extends into fashion design, where she expresses her artistic sensibilities through innovative clothing and accessory designs. Her work blends elegance with originality, appealing to discerning fashion aficionados.

Throughout her career journey, Thavana Monalisa Fatu has embraced challenges with unwavering determination, continuously evolving her skills and leaving a lasting impact in the realms of modeling, music, and fashion. Her dedication to creativity and her distinct professional path highlight her commitment to making meaningful contributions in the entertainment industry.

Relationship Status of Thavana Monalisa Fatu

Thavana Monalisa Fatu maintains a private personal life and has chosen not to publicly disclose details about her current relationship status. Her focus remains on her successful career in modeling, song composition, and fashion design, with little public attention given to her personal relationships. Thavana’s professional achievements and her strong familial ties, particularly with her siblings and parents, are more widely recognized and discussed in public forums.

Thavana Monalisa Fatu’s Social Media Engagement

Thavana Monalisa Fatu actively uses various social media platforms to connect with her followers and provide updates on her professional journey and personal hobbies. Her social media presence includes engaging with fans, offering glimpses into her modeling ventures, presenting her latest fashion creations, and occasionally sharing her passion for composing music. Despite keeping her personal life discreet, Thavana utilizes social media as a platform to engage with her audience, share insights into her career endeavors, and promote her contributions to the entertainment sector.

Thavana Monalisa Fatu’s Financial Status

Thavana Monalisa Fatu’s financial details, including her net worth, remain undisclosed to the public. She prioritizes privacy in her personal life, and information about her financial assets and earnings is not extensively covered. Thavana’s professional endeavors in modeling, songwriting, and fashion design are the focal points of her public presence, while specifics about her financial situation are not emphasized. Any figures or estimates circulating about her net worth, such as the approximate $2 million suggested by some sources, should be regarded as speculative due to the absence of official verification. For accurate information, reliance on official statements or trustworthy sources is recommended to gain a clearer perspective on her financial standing.

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FAQs about Thavana Monalisa Fatu

Q:Who is Thavana Monalisa Fatu? 

A:Thavana Monalisa Fatu is the eldest daughter of Solofa Fatu Jr., popularly known as Rikishi, a prominent figure in professional wrestling. Born on June 29, 1983, in San Francisco, California, she has carved her own path in modeling, song composition, and fashion design.

Q:What is Thavana Monalisa Fatu known for? 

A:Thavana is known for her multifaceted talents in modeling, acting, songwriting, and fashion design. She has embraced a creative career distinct from her family’s wrestling legacy.

Q;Who are Thavana Monalisa Fatu’s siblings? 

A:Thavana has four younger siblings, including Jimmy Uso (Jonathan Fatu) and Jey Uso (Joshua Fatu), who are well-known professional wrestlers. Her siblings contribute to the renowned Fatu wrestling family legacy.

Q:Where does Thavana Monalisa Fatu currently live? 

A:Thavana resides in the scenic Los Angeles Bay Area, cherishing time with her family and pursuing her creative endeavors.

Q:Is Thavana Monalisa Fatu active on social media? 

A:Yes, Thavana engages with her audience through social media, sharing updates on her modeling projects, fashion designs, and occasional insights into her music compositions.


Thavana Monalisa Fatu, hailing from a renowned wrestling lineage, has demonstrated her diverse skills in modeling, song composition, and fashion design. She embraces her individuality while respecting her family’s heritage, preferring a private life while making significant contributions to entertainment. Thavana’s career highlights her dedication to innovation and ongoing development in her artistic endeavors.

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