The Role of Emotional Intelligence in MBA Application Essays

Emotional intelligence, a term coined back in the 90s, has become too significant in businesses. In fact, research shows that more than 60% of people’s personal and professional achievements depend on their emotional intelligence. Needless to say, you have to prove yourself from an early stage to step into the professional world and be successful. Budding managers are expected to convince the admission panel about their emotional intelligence to get into a good B-school. 

The essay writing help websites like get a lot of requests from students struggling to write an MBA application essay. They are not aware about the ways to implement emotional intelligence in application essays. 

The major MBA essay writing help websites have taken the initiative to share samples with students signing up with them that can help them learn the correct ways to write such application essays. You will see how emotional intelligence helped change the course of these essays. Here, we will take a deep dive into the role of emotional intelligence in MBA application essays. 

Let’s explore!

Foundation for Success

Professionals are expected to have a lot of self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and social skills. These are things you cannot prove without sharing any evidence. When you look to get admission to a B-school, the first thing they check is whether or not you are fit for the road ahead. Since the entire process is about preparing students for the big stage, knowing them well is important to start the process. So, if you want to beat the competition and get admission to one of the top B-schools, consider including some emotional intelligence factors in your essay. 

Leadership Abilities

People with better emotional intelligence are expected to be great leaders. They are expected to inspire and motivate others, solve conflicts, and make informed decisions. Now, why is that important in an MBA application essay? Frankly speaking, if you don’t aim to be a leader, you need not spend money on pursuing a professional management course. The admission panel looks for a candidate’s leadership abilities and if they have the right qualities to be a future leader. The only way to prove it to the panel is by using some points highlighting your emotional intelligence. 

Interpersonal Relationships

Management jobs are all about interacting with people from different cultures and mindsets. So, to prove yourself worthy of a seat at one of the finest universities, you need to showcase your interpersonal relationship skills. In fact, when you join the course, you will have to interact with many from different cultural backgrounds. Hence, it is essential to show how prepared you are to face the challenges. Emotional intelligence highlights your ability to adapt to different surroundings and interact with people from all mindsets. Hence, it is important to share instances where you have used your emotional intelligence in your application essay. 

Team Player

You will be working in a team when you step into the professional world. MBA teaches you how a team is different from a group and the ways to fit in a team. But if you are open to changes or willing to work in a team is something you have to prove before you get the chance to know the differences. So, the first step to start the learning process is crafting a flawless and convincing application essay. Share some instances where you have worked in a team, helped solve conflicts, listened to what others have to say, and understood them before making a decision. All these contribute to a person’s emotional intelligence. The more you showcase these traits, the more your chances of getting admission. 

Decision-Making Abilities

Making well-informed decisions is a skill all MBA graduates must have. They are expected to understand the other person’s emotions to make well-informed decisions. An application essay focuses on all the key skills that can make a student eligible for an MBA degree. Emotional intelligence plays a major role in the entire essay writing process. It sheds light on a candidate’s decision-making abilities and whether they have the necessary skills to be a part of the professional world. Since the essay will be the key to your university, you cannot miss out on including all the things to convince the panel. Consult with an expert in case you feel you don’t know the correct ways to incorporate the events in your essay. 

Fit for the Course

Many B-schools are integrating emotional intelligence into their curriculum. Needless to say, you need to showcase this skill to confirm your seat at one of the finest universities. As B-schools have started using case studies, experiential learning, and leadership development programmes to improve emotional intelligence, you need to prepare yourself accordingly. The competition is high, and many are looking to secure their future with an MBA degree. To beat the competition, prepare an MBA application essay showcasing your emotional intelligence since it’s an important chapter in the course. 

Signing out,

Whether you have emotional stability or not is a decisive factor for all sorts of work. When you aim to be in a managerial position, you need to show your skills to be worthy of pursuing one. Now, some of you might feel that the personality trait develops with time and as you learn the lessons. While it’s true, it is also important to understand that to allow you to pursue the course; the universities need to know if you have the skills that can be polished for a better future. That is a major reason you need to include instances that prove your emotional stability in an MBA application essay. Talk to experts, learn how to incorporate these things in your essay, and work on the tasks accordingly. The points above will help you understand the role emotional intelligence plays in an essay. Understand, refer to professionally written samples before writing the final paper.